Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Shadowland: After the fall #1

Overall: Obviously this is the wrap-up/aftermath issue for the Shadowland event. We follow reporter Ben Urich and police detective Alex Kurtz as the search for Matt Murdoch. Urich wants to get to the bottom of the whole Shadowland story, while Det. Kurtz was asked to bring Matt in on charges stemming from the Shadowland debacle. The two characters run around, talk to Foggy Nelson and basically accomplish nothing. Matt sends Urich a cassette(who still uses cassettes?!)basically telling Urich that he had screwed up royally, and probably wouldn't be returning to Hell's Kitchen since he let everybody down. As for Kurtz, a bunch of cops go up to him and tell him not to continue pursuing Matt, since as Daredevil Matt had helped them out on so many different occasions. Ultimately Kurtz decides to side with the other cops and tells his lieutenant that there was no reason to go after Matt since he was either dead or long gone, while Urich decides not to write a scathing piece on Matt since he had done so much to help Hell's Kitchen before going crazy.

Meh. This wasn't a horrible read or anything, it just didn't really interest me. I mean the story was okay, but nothing really stood out. There were some token hero appearances(Elektra, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Black Panther, etc), but the heroes didn't really do anything... We simply followed Urich and Kurtz as they talked to people... Not exactly what I'd call a must read comic.

Score: 6 out of 10.I guess Batman WAS really serious about branching out... He's even appearing in Marvel books now!


  1. "I guess Batman WAS really serious about branching out... He's even appearing in Marvel books now!" I made a similar joke... great minds think alike, or lesser minds just rip off my mind. Take your pick :D

  2. You know I don't read your work until AFTER I do my reviews... And sometimes not even then! :P

  3. Lol you're such an ass. But I already knew you were snubbing me, as USUAL! :P