Friday, April 10, 2009

What do you think?

I picked up a new scanner today, and decided to re-post a picture I've already put on this blog, along with the same picture, taken with the new scanner. If you click both pictures, it becomes pretty obvious which picture came from which scanner. The top picture is kind of blotchy and faded, while the the bottom pic is darker and smoother, and looks a lot closer to how it looked in the Outsiders comic book I pulled it from. I'm still fooling around and tweaking things when it comes to the new scanner, but all in all, I'm pretty happy with the initial results.


  1. You couldn't post this frame enough if you ask me. Very hot!

    The new scanner certainly makes a difference, X. Have you tried using MS Office's Picture Manager? There's a button in the toolbar called 'Auto Correct' and when clicked, it often times enhances the image, making the darks darker and the lights lighter. You can always 'undo' the auto correct feature if you don't like the changes.

  2. I don't actually have the MS Office suite. I just wasn't willing to pay like $300 or whatever it is for Office 2007. I use OpenOffice(which is free)for my word processing needs.

    I use Windows Photo Gallery, which has the Auto Correct function, which I use on most of my pictures. It's funny, with the new scanner out-performing the old one, it makes me want to re-scan all of the pictures I already have on file!