Sunday, April 26, 2009

New Avengers #51!

Yeah, I know, this review is about a month old. That shows just how behind I am in my comic book reading(plus this was written by the DREAD LORD BENDIS, so I wasn't exactly in a rush to read it!). Anyway this is about Dr. Strange or something... Why is Dr. Strange in an Avengers title anyway? Oh yeah, the DREAD LORD is the writer, so nothing makes any sense!

-The Good: Um, hmm... Um, oh yeah, Wiccan of the Young Avengers popped up. I really enjoyed that comic book. The Young Avengers... Oh, but I'm supposed to be talking about THIS comic book aren't I? Well, that's pretty much the only good thing that happened in this comic.

-The Bad: Pretty much everything else! This comic had a 4 page conversation between Jessica Jones(WHY is she even in this comic???)and Spider-Man(for that matter, why is HE in this comic?!?). That's right, they spoke about going to High School together for 4 pages! That's 21 panels of complete BS. The conversation between Peter and Jessica was everything I hate about LORD BENDIS in a nutshell. Their conversation added NOTHING to this comic. It added NOTHING to either character. It was a total waste of time.

-Besides that, this issue was about Dr. Strange looking for the next Sorcerer Supreme. While he was searching for his eventual replacement he is jumped by The Hood, who wipes the floor with Doc Strange, which sends the good doctor running to the Avengers for help... REALLY??? The frigging Hood spanked Dr. Strange?!? What's next, Toad will beat down the Hulk? How about the Vulture takes out Thor? Why not! My God, reading LORD BENDIS' work makes me want to get sloppy drunk, and I don't even drink!

What more can I say? This was yet another train wreck brought to us by the DREAD LORD BENDIS. Clint "Why is he still Ronin" Barton seems to be getting a larger role in this comic book. I guess that's a good thing, even though since Clint is one of my favorite characters, I'm afraid to see what the DREAD LORD has in store for Clint. Hey, then again, the DREAD LORD has already killed Clint off twice over the course of a year, so maybe he'll leave Clint alone for a while... Probably not though. Well, if nothing else, writing this review down was kind of cathartic for me. Now I can put this comic away and NEVER open it again. For a score, I'll give this issue a 3 out of 10. Why a 3? Why not. Please Joe Quesada, take LORD BENDIS the hell off the Avengers titles already!!! ARRRRGH!!!

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