Monday, April 6, 2009

New Comic Day!

A few Marvel Comics came in the mail today, namely, Ultimate X-Men #100, as well as the most recent issues of Wolverine and Uncanny X-Men(I have no idea what number issues they are until I open them up). This was the last issue of Ultimate X, which doesn't really bother me, since I have a pile of like 9 unread issues of Ultimate X laying around. Since I've begun to dedicate more time to reading about the DC Universe, I just haven't had the time to read anything from the Ultimate Marvel line(I STILL haven't read Ultimates Vol. 3#1-5 yet). So, honestly, I'm glad this series was cancelled. I've got 18(?!?)issues left on the subscription, and I've got to transfer them over to another Marvel book. I'll probably move them over to Cap, Daredevil or X-Factor. The real question is, how in the flaming hell did I wind up with 18 issues on my subscription for Ultimate X??? What the hell was I thinking when I placed that order??? And I wonder where my money goes! I'm way behind on reading Uncanny, so that comic will head to the "unread" pile, while I'll definitely be giving Wolverine a read very soon. Mark Millar and Steve McNiven are telling one of the best Wolverine stories I've read since... Well, since Mark did the "Enemy of the State" story a few years back.

Besides those books, my comic store order also arrived today. What was in the box? Let's find out!

War of Kings: Darkhawk #2(of 2)- It's Darkhawk, it's War of Kings, and it's co-written by Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning! Every time I read a new Darkhawk comic book, the 90's comic fan within rejoices!

Superman #686- This was another book I picked up primarily due to the writer. After Starman, I'll read whatever James Robinson writes. This comic, although titled Superman is actually revolving around Guardian and Mon-El. I'm totally fine with that, mainly due to the fact that James can develop characters just about better than any comic book writer alive today. Although, I really think Mon-El needs a codename...

Battle for the Cowl: Oracle: The Cure #1(of 3)- I'm quite interested as to what direction DC is going to go when it comes to the Barbara Gordon character... I think if DC wants to, they could pull Babs out of the wheelchair and have her back on her feet fighting crime again. All they have to do is merge her with Kilg%re, the same way Calculator did. I really don't know how I'd feel about Babs actively fighting crime again, so I'll reserve any further comments until I see exactly what DC is planning here.

Nova #23- There's nothing more I can possibly say about this series... If you're not reading it by now, nothing I say here is going to change any minds. But, if you want my opinion, Nova is one of the BEST comic books on the market today. It's that simple.

Mighty Avengers #23- I think this issue concludes Dan Slott's initial storyline as writer of this series. Thus far, I've been surprisingly underwhelmed by Dan's work here, but since this is only issue #3 of Dan's run, and normally I love his work, I'm still very optimistic concerning the outlook for this book.

Justice League of America #31- Now this is one comic book I'm not at all optimistic about... I don't know what the hell Dwayne McDuffie is doing here, but since he took over the writing of this book, it's really taken a nosedive. I honestly don't see myself sticking with this series, especially if there is a new Justice League book coming out soon. Sorry, but this book has been just plain awful.

Guardians of the Galaxy #12- Another one of my personal favs, and another title written by Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning. I'm not really digging the current storyline, but I still love this comic.

REBELS #1- I've had REBELS #2 sitting on my table for the longest time now, because I forgot to pick up issue #1 first. Well, now that I finally remembered to pick up issue #1, I can read both comics together.

Superman: World of New Krypton #1- James Robinson and Greg Rucka are co-writing this book! Why wouldn't I at least give it a shot?

Battle for the Cowl: Azrael, Death's Dark Knight #1(of 3)- I've always been a fan of Fabian Nicieza's work, some of the first comic books I ever read were written by him, so I always give his work a shot. I don't know much about Azrael except that he filled in for Bruce Wayne after the Bane incident, and that I thought he was dead... I guess not!

Dark Avengers #3- It's written by my DREAD LORD BENDIS! All hail the DREAD LORD BENDIS and his horrible comic books! Gaze in astonishment as the DREAD LORD destroys the Marvel Universe one comic book title at a time! Watch in awe as the DREAD LORD takes familiar characters and writes them completely out of character! Why oh why is Noh-Varr in this damn comic book! Why, why, why!!! Do the comic Gods hate me or something? I'd rather Noh-Varr stayed in limbo instead of being forced to watch him waste away in one of the DREAD LORD'S atrocious comic books. I believe I'll go off and sob in the corner for a while now...

Vigilante #4- OK, I'm back in control after that little outburst. I'm rapidly losing my patience with this comic book, and I'll probably only pick this series up during the "Deathtrap" issues. Unless things change drastically, after Deathtrap, I'll be dropping this comic.

Avengers: The Initiative One Shot, featuring Reptil- Don't know what this comic is about, but it's a Initiative title and it's written by the always consistent Christos Gage. The cover price almost stopped me from picking this one up, but since the Initiative seems to be on life support, I figured this may be one of my last chances to read about the great characters in that great series.

Battle for the Cowl: Commissioner Gordon One Shot- Why not?

And there you have it. Over the course of the next few nights, these are the comics I'll be posting to this blog. Now, to get to reading.

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