Sunday, April 5, 2009


The JLA/Avengers mini-series from 2003, written by Kurt Busiek and drawn by George Perez arrived in the mail today, and I am psyched to finally get my hands on these 4 issues! For the record, these comics came out during my comic book blackout years(1997-2004), so I have absolutely NO idea what to expect from this story, which is the way I like it. I get to read these comics with no preconceived notions, I can just enjoy them as I read them. To preserve that sense of surprise, I won't even look at the covers of issues 2-4 until I'm up to them, so I don't see any potential spoilers. Since it's getting pretty late now, it's just after 2 AM, and I've got to be up reasonably early tomorrow, I won't be able to post any thoughts on these books until tomorrow night at the earliest. The pre-BENDISised Avengers and the Justice League of America in the same comic book together, written by Busiek and drawn by Perez?!? This has the potential to be a dream comic series. The question is, will this series fulfill its great potential?

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