Monday, April 13, 2009

DC wouldn't kill off Tim Drake, would they?

After reading the Commissioner Gordon one shot, and seeing that Gordon wasn't going to tolerate any false Batmen running around Gotham City, I began to think about the Battle for the Cowl mini-series itself. I think it's a safe assumption that Dick Grayson is going to become the post-Cowl Batman, while Damian Wayne will become his Robin. That obviously leaves Tim Drake, the current Robin, out in the cold. He's already quit the Teen Titans, doesn't have a solo title anymore, and can't even take the Nightwing name, since it has already been taken by Chris Kent over in the Superman books. So, where exactly does that leave Tim? Either he'll be taking on a new identity, or he'll wind up dead.

With Dick Grayson so adamantly against becoming Batman you would have to think that it would take some kind of tragic event to push him towards taking up the Batman mantle. Could that event be the death of his "little brother"? With the Gotham police force now on full alert and probably trigger happy, I could totally see Tim, who was dressed like Batman at the end of BftC #1, getting gunned down by the cops, which would be the catalyst that would drive Dick to become the next Batman. Of course, I'm probably WAY off, but I figured I'd post these thoughts, that way, if I'm right, I'll look like a genius! Still, I'm holding out hope that Tim lands on his feet after the BftC mini, and gets a solo series with a new identity.

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