Friday, April 10, 2009

Talking about obsession. Plus, Let's Go Rangers!

I have two great passions in life. Obsessions if you will. Obviously, comic books are one of them. Anybody who has read any of this blog should realize that by now. I consider myself a comic book junkie, and I am hopelessly addicted to reading and collecting comics. It's important to note that not only do I love actually reading comic books, but I love the art of collecting comic books as well. When it comes to collecting, I'm quite obsessive about collecting ALL of something.

Take my all-time favorite character for example, Nate "X-Man" Grey. Not only do I own Nate's entire "X-Man" series, #1-75 + all the assorted annuals and specials, but due to my obsessive compulsion, I've managed to hunt down and collect ANY comic book Nate has EVER appeared in(as well as, to my embarrassment, the X-Man action figure...). I even have some books where Nate is only in one panel and not involved in the main story at all. For example, in Daredevil #371, Nate basically walks past a character in DD's comic and that's it! Still, Nate showed up in that book, so I was compelled to own it. More recently, my obsessive collecting behavior reared its ugly head again after I started to read James Robinson's terrific "Starman" series. After collecting the entire Starman series, #1-80, I managed to hunt down anything Starman related that James Robinson had a hand in. All the assorted specials, plus things like the Girl Frenzy comic and the Shade mini-series. Like I said, when I like a comic book or a character, I collect EVERYTHING that has to do with that series/character.

So, what is my other obsession, you might be asking? I am a HUGE New York Rangers fan. And when I say HUGE, I mean HUGE! I watch as many games as I can, and on top of that, I get somewhat... Lets say intense while watching the games. I get so wrapped up in Rangers games that many people, mainly my sister, HATE to watch any Rangers games with me at all. It's not like I'm breaking furniture, or punching people out, but I have a tendency to talk, yell, shout, scream and yes, I'll admit, occasionally curse at the television... LOUDLY! Tonight, my Rangers(finally)clinched a playoff spot, so needless to say I am quite happy and just wanted to gloat a little bit here on the blog. The fact that I stayed up later than usual watching the Rangers game, coupled with the fact that I've got myself a really important math test to study for tomorrow, means that I won't be reading/posting any new reviews tonight. On the bright side, after my math class tomorrow, I'm free for a week!

Spring break is upon me and for the next week I plan on doing nothing more than laying around, reading comic books and playing video games! Does that sound a tad lazy? Maybe even borderline pathetic? Hell yeah it does, but I don't care! With my college career rapidly coming to a close(I figure I'll be completely done with school in at most three more semesters), I'm smart enough to enjoy my free time when I can get it! I plan on sleeping til noon every day and passing out around 2 AM or so every night for the next week. I figure these days will be nothing more than a pleasant memory when I rejoin the work force, so my mindset is, enjoy them while they last. Well, that's enough stalling, it's time to get to studying for that math test...

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