Thursday, April 23, 2009

Damn that Hal Jordan!

Hey, wait a minute, isn't that Hal Jordan swapping spit with Kyle Rayner's dead girlfriend Alex DeWitt??? That IS Alex!!! So, Alex really seems interested in Hal, but Hal knows that Alex was Kyle's girlfriend... Hal wouldn't move in on the love of Kyle's life, right?GAH!!! Poor Kyle...


  1. Kyle deserves it anyway ;)

    Just for wearing that stupid mask of his :D

  2. Wow, where's the love for Kyle? Granted, that was a pretty stupid mask, but still!

  3. Actually I'm partial to the mask on his newest costume myself...

    It just goes to show, Kyle doesn't/didn't have the game of a dead man... Who almost the totality of existence and started over...

  4. Who almost killed the totality of existence...

  5. Me again (should get an account, but that requires effort ;))

    Stupid mask, not that great costume, not as interesting character, cynical introduction. Yeah...