Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Captain America and Superman, not quite best friends...

What can I possibly say about THIS exchange? "Fouling the air"? "Shake it out of you"? "High-and-mighty pretty boy"?!? Cap calling Supes a "pretty boy" was unbelievably entertaining on one level, as well as being kind of weird on another level...


  1. I am pretty sure Cap never took on anyone like Superman. He might have tusseled with that pale stand-in Hyperion, but I am sure that Superman wouldn't lose to Captain America.

    Remember, Superman once captured Hitler and Stalin in like four leaps... Cap only managed to deck the Mother-Fuhrer...

    Seriously, I didn't quite see the need for Cap and Superman to hate each other. You'd think their all-American asses would be friends.

  2. I'm a huge fan of Cap, but Superman would MURDER Cap if the two ever came to blows! I don't even think it would be a close fight.

    Yeah I agree totally with you... You'd think Cap and Supes would be helping old women cross the street or attending a boy scout meeting together or something! To make things even stranger, while Cap seemed to hate Supes, he really managed to hit it off with Batman. Go figure...

  3. you have to remember that superman never kills, NEVER. of course he would defeat cap easeley, but not kill him.

    And superman is not quite of an "all american ass" he actually quit american citizenship, because he´s an alien...and because he cares about all the world (not just the U.S)
    Good ol cap would never do that!

    but they are both good big guys!