Sunday, April 19, 2009

Teen Titans #69

-OOOK... I PROBABLY should have read the "Terror Titans" mini-series before I read this issue... Oh well, to late for that now...

-This issue deals with Miss Martian bringing a mess of super-powered teenagers to Titan Tower where they could relax a bit after they escaped from the Dark-Side Club.

-Red Devil is still without his powers, and we find out that Ravager is watching the team from afar, but it looks like she won't be returning.

-Cassie tries to recruit the Dark-Side kids which drives some of them away, since they were just looking for a place to crash. From there, most of the rest of the kids leave for various reasons, with The Face being thrown out because everybody hated him.

-Kid Eternity decides to join the Teen Titans right away, while eventually Aquagirl and Static join the team to round out the roster. This issue ends with The Face getting killed by the mystery person who was watching the team(it's Cyborg!).

-So the new Teen Titans line-up is as followed: Wonder Girl(team leader), Aquagirl, Static, Red Devil, Blue Beetle, Miss Martian, Bombshell and Kid Eternity.

I enjoyed this issue WAY more than any Teen Titans comic since "Infinite Crisis" ended, like 30-40 issues ago! I think Aquagirl has potential and I'll give Static a chance but I still don't really like this team. I want a "Teen Titans" team that has a bunch of kid sidekicks, like how it used to be... Where is Robin? Or Superboy? Or Kid Flash? Don't answer those questions, they're rhetorical, but it's characters like them that this series is missing right now. The foundation for ANY successful Teen Titans team has ALWAYS been a Robin, whether it was Dick Grayson or Tim Drake. This team is desperately lacking that savvy Batman-type of character.

I can appreciate what Sean McKeever(series writer)is attempting to do here, but I think he is moving this team a little bit too far away from the mainstream DC universe... The highest profile character on this team is now Wonder Girl. Now, I like Cassie, I've liked her since her "Young Justice" days, but I don't think she is a strong/prominent enough character to be able to carry a team. I could be wrong, but I feel this team needs a higher profile character to lead it. Well, like I said, I did like this issue, so for a score, I'll give it an 8 out of 10. I'm not sure this team is going to be able to hold my interest for long, but for now, I'll give the new Teen Titans a shot.

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