Wednesday, April 8, 2009

And now, I wait...

I placed an order with my comic book shop today, which means I now have to wait a good week and a half before I get my hands on these books. There are a couple of goodies in this order, including Battle for the Cowl #2, which I'm REALLY looking forward to reading. Here's the rest of the order.

Batman Battle for the Cowl (2009 DC) 2A
Booster Gold (2007 DC 2nd Series) 19
Catwoman (1993-2001 2nd Series) 62
Green Arrow (1987 1st Series) 51
Green Arrow (1987 1st Series) 52
Green Lantern (2005- 3rd Series) 39A
JLA 80-Page Giant (1998) 2
Justice League America (1987) 28
Justice Society of America (2006 3rd Series) 25A
New Avengers Reunion (2009) 2
Secret Six (2008 3rd Series) 8
Starman One Million (1998) 1
Superboy Risk Double-Shot (1998) 1
Superman (1987) 668
Superman Up, Up and Away TPB (2006) 1
Superman World of New Krypton (2009) 2A
Teen Titans (2003- 3rd Series) 69
Teen Titans (2006) Annual 2009 NM 1
Titans (2008 2nd Series) 12
War of Kings (2009 Marvel) 2A
War of Kings Ascension (2009) 1A NM

Besides BftC #2, War of Kings #2 looks to be a must read book. So, there you have it, mainly new books, with a few back issues thrown in for good measure. There's nothing more to do now but to try to avoid any spoilers, and wait...

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