Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Vigilante #4

Overall- My opinion of this comic can be stated in one word, that word being "meh". This comic picks up after Titans #11, where we discover that Jericho has taken control of Cyborg. Vigilante is hunting for Jericho, as a result of Jericho's role in the election day assassinations from the "DC Universe: Decisions" mini-series. Vigilante decides to break into the Titans headquarters in NYC in order to find out if the Titans have any clue as to the whereabouts of Jericho.

While searching through the Titans computers for information, Vigilante gets busted by Donna, who handily defeats him. Vigilante tricks Donna into thinking he was hired by the FBI to find out information on Jericho since the Titans weren't cooperating with the FBI's investigation into Jericho. Vigilante gives Donna a phone number to call, and when she does, he slips away. Wow, that scene sure made Donna look dumb! However, Vigilante doesn't realize that Cyborg/Jericho was spying on the whole conversation, and Jericho is interested as to why Vigilante is after him.

Vigilante escapes to a park, but is followed and attacked by Cyborg/Jericho, who demands answers as to why Vigilante was interested in him. Vigilante doesn't say a word, so Jericho decides he'll just possess Vigilante and discover the answers that way. Vigilante shoots Jericho/Cyborg before he can be possessed, and escapes into the Museum of Natural History. Jericho/Cyborg follows him and they fight once again. Since he isn't getting any answers from Vigilante, Jericho/Cyborg just decides to kill Vigilante and be done with him. However, the FBI shows up, and Jericho/Cyborg flees the scene, leaving Vigilante battered and at the feet of the FBI.

I'm sorry, but I just didn't care about this comic book. The story isn't doing anything for me, the character(Vigilante)isn't doing anything for me and the artwork is also pretty lousy. Not quite the trifecta a comic book wants to have... I'm tired of the whole mysterious Vigilante storyline. The mystery of who Vigilante is has been playing out since Marv Wolfman's last run on the now departed "Nightwing" comic book. Enough is enough! It's not like we're going to get some earth-shattering revelation when Vigilante's identity is FINALLY revealed, it's going to be a c-string character at best, so just get it over with. In a way, the mystery of "Who is Vigilante" reminds me of when Fabian Nicieza was writing "New Thunderbolts" and he introduced the new Swordsman. Common sense said the new Swordsman HAD to be Hawkeye, and being a huge Hawkeye fan, I was pretty excited to see the big reveal. After MONTHS of waiting, we finally find out that the Swordsman was Andres Von Strucker... What a let down THAT was! Vigilante's identity is almost certainly going to be a similar letdown, so I say just get it over with already!

To be honest with you, the only reason I even read this comic tonight was to get it out of the way, because I knew it wasn't going to be very good. I was right. For a score, I'll give this issue a 4 out of 10. I just don't have any kind of connection to this series right now. If I never read another issue, it wouldn't phase me one way or the other... Most likely, after the "Deathtrap" crossover ends, I'll probably stop collecting this comic. It just doesn't make any sense to spend time/money on a comic book I just don't care about.

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