Monday, April 13, 2009

Superman: World of New Krypton #1

Overall- This comic book deals with Superman deciding to "renounce" his life on Earth in order to become a part of New Krypton... However, we all know that the only reason Supes is even on New Krypton is to keep an eye on General Zod, so he can foil whatever nefarious plot Zod has cooked up. Supes travels to his Aunt Alura, who is one of the rulers(?)of New Krypton. Supes tells Alura that he wants to stay on New Krypton and that he'll need a job. Kryptonian society seems very regimented and broken up into "Guilds", which include the lowly Labor Guild, the Science Guild, the Art Guild, as well as the Military Guild, which is led by Zod himself. Alura tells Supes he can choose from any of the Guilds, and he travels through New Krypton, taking in the sights and sounds while deciding on what he wants to be.

Along the way he realizes that he is being followed by some of Zod's Military Guild members, so Supes goes to see what Zod wants. Upon arriving at Zod's stronghold, Supes is attacked by a New Kryptonian. Although they share the same powers, Supes makes short work of the soldier, since Supes has mastered his powers long ago, while the New Kryptonians are still brand new to their abilities. Zod soon approaches and tells Supes that he would be honored if Supes would join the Military Guild in order to train the Kryptonians in the usage of their powers. Supes and Zod do some verbal jousting, before Supes heads back to see Alura with his decision.

Supes decides that the whole Guild system is fundamentally wrong, and that Kryptonians should be free to choose the jobs they want based on their personal preference, not on what Guild their parents were a part of. Supes says he won't choose any Guild, and as a result, Alura says she will choose one for him. This issue ends with Alura placing Supes in the Military Guild, with the high rank of Commander.

This was a good comic, but I just want to admit that I know VERY little about New Krypton, since I have yet to get my hands on the Superman comic books that lead into this series. So for now I'd ask anyone reading this to bear with me, because I'm learning about the Kryptonian culture as I go along. The fact that Supes wound up a member of the Military Guild is really no surprise, because as the old saying goes, "Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer.". Supes can now watch Zod closely and strike when Zod reveals whatever evil plan he is sure to be cooking up. For a score, I'll give this comic a 8 1/2 out of 10. I'll be looking forward to collecting this series and learning more about the world of New Krypton.

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