Saturday, April 18, 2009

Green Lantern #39

Here's a quick review of GL #39, in bullet point format!

-We discover that the Guardians have made a deal with Larfleeze of the Orange Lantern Corps, granting the Orange Lantern's the Vega System, provided they stay there.

-The Controllers attack Larfleeze in the Vega System, and Larfleeze mistakenly believes the Controllers to still be associated with the Guardians. Larfleeze figures the Controllers were sent by the Guardians, and therefore the Guardians have violated the agreement they had.

-Hal still can't manage to remove the Blue Lantern ring, even though he wants it off, and the Guardians are mighty pissed off about that fact. The Guardians attack Hal, but are unable to get the ring off of Hal.

-This issue ends with Scar of the Guardians deciding that the Green Lantern Corps should enter the Vega System and wipe out their Orange counterparts.

So, that was fast, no? I figure the best way to force myself to write shorter reviews is to write in bullet format. Why write shorter reviews you ask? Spending less time typing means I can spend more time reading new comics! Back to this comic though. With how greedy this Larfleeze character is, I'd be kind of surprised if there really was a Orange Lantern Corp! I just don't see him as the type who would willingly share his power with anybody else. It also looks like Scar is really beginning to put her schemes together as she prepares to unleash the Blackest Night. It's funny how obvious it is that Scar is manipulating the rest of the Guardians... Aren't they supposed to be super smart or something??? Can't they see that Scar is up to SOMETHING? This was a pretty good comic, but not quite as good as the Red Lantern issues were. For a score, I'll go with a 8 out of 10. Although I really like Larfleeze(mine, mine, mine!!!)the story was a little bit all over the place for my taste.

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