Friday, April 3, 2009

Chris Yost and Craig Kyle, worst comic writers ever!!!!!!!!!

This goes to anyone who reads this post. I beg of you, I plead with you, PLEASE do not buy any comic books written by these two scumbags(Chris Yost and Craig Kyle). Please spurn/boycott any comic books that have their names in the credits. I'm so goddamn sick and tired of those two scumbags just arbitrarily killing off Marvel characters for the sake of some "important" comic story. I haven't been reading anything written by these low-lives since their slaughter of most of the students in "New X-Men". Now, I learned earlier today that they've killed off longtime X-Force member Tabitha Smith(Boom Boom/Meltdown)and have basically sentenced Hellion and Surge to death as well. Enough is enough. Once again, I'm so sick and tired of killing characters off just for the sake of killing. Please don't buy anything written by Yost or Kyle. I beg you to spread the word, boycott any titles written by these two men. Thank you.


  1. I'll join your boycott, X. If you see me slip-up, let me know. Otherwise I don't believe either of these two are currently connected to any of the titles I follow regularly.

  2. Yeah! Thank you Yedna! Now, if I can only find a way to convince another thousand people or so, I'll be in business! Well, everything starts with with that first step. This is step one.

  3. Maybe you should consider starting another blog just for you boycott. You probably wouldn't have to put too much work into it.

    Readers could join just by becoming Followers of the blog. Then you could link 'X-Man's Comic Blog' to it, and encourage other Bloggers to do the same.

  4. Hey, you know what? That's a good idea! The only thing stopping me is my lazy nature... Maybe during spring break, I'll do just that. I've been thinking about starting up another blog, and this WOULD give me a reason. Hmmm...

  5. Just to be the protagonist here, are you sure it's actually Chris and Craig's decision for what's happening to these characters? Couldn't it also be an editorial decision, or plans that were made well in advance with the scripting of the series in question? And if that's the case, wouldn't the blame ultimately fall on Joe Quesada's head for the direction that he's steering the Marvel Universe? I'm just saying . . I think a lot of creators out there are doing a fantastic job. But, their personal input can be hampered, especially with the 'big-2', as far as what they're allowed to do because of the editorial vision of the characters, their image and their future. I'm just sayin', couldn't that also be the problem?

  6. That's it! I start my Joe Quesada boycott today! Totally kidding of course.

  7. Boy . . that would put a big dent in the comic pile. Wouldn't it?

  8. Oh, I agree whole-heartedly about Quesada, and I've gone on extended rants about him and his awful editorial decisions a number of times on this blog. And as far as the slaughter of the New X-Men kids, I feel Quesada shares the blame for that one. THAT decision had to have been OKed/pushed for by Quesada.

    However, the only way Yost seems capable of making a story interesting is by killing off numerous characters. The great comic book writers can craft a great story without bloating the body count. Look at Chris Claremont's original X-Men run. Chris wrote X-Men for what? 15 years or so? How many X-Men did he kill off in that time? Off the top of my head I can only count 2, Thunderbird and Jean Grey, and killing Jean was an editorial decision that Chris was completely against. If Yost would have been in Claremont's place, I guarantee you he would have killed off the 5 original X-Men, Prof. Xavier, and who knows how many other mutant characters that are thriving today.

    My point here is if you don't want certain characters in the comic you are writing, WRITE THEM OUT OF THE BOOK! That way, a more talented writer down the road can possibly turn one of those characters into the next Wolverine.

    I'm sorry, but I just can't see Quesada telling Yost to kill off Meltdown in the recent X-Force series. That comes from Yost and his shortcomings as a writer. Whenever Yost needs something "dramatic" to happen, it's kill, kill, kill. Yost should just go back to writing Saturday morning cartoons. At least he was semi-competent there...

    This is a subject I'm very passionate about, because the pre-Yost New X-Men was one of my favorite comics. It was a nice, light-hearted book, until Yost took it and killed it. I don't doubt Quesada had something to do with what occured in New X-Men, but after becoming familiar with Yost's work, I bet you that killing off that many students was Yost/Kyle's idea. Quesada gave the events in New X-Men the green light, but Yost carried it out, and for that, he'll always have my enmity.

  9. Let's be honest: who here really thinks that Boom Boom and Surge/Hellion are really dead? Think of the current state of the team:

    1. They havea healer on the team, Elixir
    2. They just embarked on a time travelling mission.
    3. Boom Boom is a former member of X-Force, and who knows, maybe this'll be set up for her to join like Domino did.

    They aren't dead. Yost and Kyle are two of my favorite writers at the moment, and X-Force is easily the best X-book on the stands. It's called storytelling, plain and simple.

  10. Ah, but that's ignoring the history of these two writers. These are the same two guys who callously killed off what, 30-40 students when they were writing New X-Men not all that long ago. As I've always said, you don't need to slaughter EVERYBODY to tell a good story.

    Again, I'd point at a guy like Chris Claremont(with Uncanny X-Men)or even Marv Wolfman(with the old Teen Titans series), these guys had extremely long runs on highly popular comic books and didn't just run around killing everybody in their path. You build characters for the future by developing characters, not killing them.

    I guess the bottom line is if you like the way these guys tell a story, that's totally cool. However don't be surprised when they kill off your favorite character. They've done it PLENTY of times to me...