Sunday, April 12, 2009

Guardians of the Galaxy #12

Overall- I kind of spoiled some of what happens in this comic by reading Nova #23 yesterday... I hate when that happens! I hate when I spoil comics for myself. Well, anyway, here's my take on GotG #12.

Even slightly spoiled, this was a really good comic book. We begin with Maelstrom feeding Phyla-Vell to the Dragon of the Moon. Hell of a way to start a comic! Anyway, Phyla's travelling companion, Drax, is pretty pissed about that. Phyla's death also brings Quasar(Wendell Vaughn), who upon learning that his old sparring partner killed Phyla goes to attack Maelstrom.

Uh-uh Quasar bad move! Since Quasar is essentially just Quantum energy, and Maelstrom is in possession of the Quantum Bands, which CONTROLs Quantum energy, Maelstrom begins to toss Quasar around with ease. While Maelstrom is toying with Quasar, Drax sneaks up from behind and chops off Maelstrom's arms just above the Quantum Bands! For anyone who has read and enjoyed the old Quasar series, that scene is frigging awesome! For those who don't know, Maelstrom once lopped off Quasar's arms in order to gain the power of the Quantum Bands, so watching Maelstrom suffer the same fate, while Quasar looked on was really a GREAT touch here.

With Maelstrom disarmed(heh-heh)Quasar re-takes possession of the Quantum Bands. However, eating Phyla seems to have awakened the Dragon, and the Dragon is WAY out of Drax and Quasar's power-levels. Before the Dragon makes toast out of Drax and Quasar, Phyla cuts her way out of the Dragon along with Moondragon. With that, the Dragon breaks up and flies away. Phyla explains that she has made some kind of a deal with the Dragon, and in exchange, the Dragon returned her girlfriend, Moondragon, to life. Moondragon appreciates the gesture, but is concerned about what exactly Phyla gave the Dragon. Phyla refuses to speak about it, and Quasar realizes that Maelstrom made a getaway during the commotion with the Dragon.

The heroes all say their good-byes and Quasar returns to Earth(and Nova #23)while Drax, Phyla and Moondragon just "wake-up", which finds them returned to Titan. Phyla freaks out at Mentor for "killing" her and Drax, but Mentor explains that the only way Phyla and Drax could have saved Moondragon was to get themselves sent to the realm of Oblivion. So, everybody hugs and we get a happy ending... Or do we? This issue closes with us finding Maelstrom still in Oblivion, telling his master(Oblivion itself)that everything worked out exactly as they planned. Apparently, the deal Phyla made with the Dragon was to bind herself in the service of Oblivion.

All in all, I really liked this issue, and I thought it was a lot better than the last issue was. The story itself was immensely satisfying, especially for a long-time Marvelite such as myself, and the fact that Phyla is now an agent for Oblivion should bring an extra element to her character and this series as a whole. I honestly never really liked Phyla taking on the Quasar name and role, and hopefully working for Oblivion will FINALLY give her an identity to call her own. Her entire existence has basically been to try to fill the role/name of someone else, first her father, Captain Marvel, and later Quasar.

Besides all that, Maelstrom absolutely stole the show this comic book! He was hilarious! Boy, I really hope Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning(series writers)plan on using him as a reoccurring villain in this series, because they wrote one great Maelstrom. For a score, I'm going to give this issue an 8 1/2 out of 10. Once again, I have to say that Dan and Andy did a great job of taking characters from the 90's and breathing new life into them... I WISH they were working on one of the plethora of X-titles out there today. I just know that they would find a way to work Nate Grey back into the X-universe...

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