Monday, January 5, 2009

You Decide, 2009!

I can't wait to check the mailbox Monday, since I am expecting 2 packages of comics, from 2 different stores. With that said, since I'm waiting on new comics, I really don't want to start reading anything new tonight. I have a mess of mini-series and random assorted comics I haven't gotten around to reading yet, but like I said, I really don't want to start a mini-series, since if I don't finish reading it tonight, I won't be able to read the new stuff that should be arriving tomorrow. So, what I am saying in my usual long-winded roundabout way is that I won't be reviewing any comics tonight. If anything, I'll read a few "Nightwing" comics, since I'd like to finish reading the back issues of that series, right now, I think I'm in the 120's of Nightwing, the newest issue of Nightwing is #151, I think. I'd really like to get caught up with this series before the "Battle for the Cowl" storyline gets started in March.

By now, anyone reading this must be thinking, "What is the point of this post?!?!?". Trust me, there is actually a point here, and here it is. I've been devoting so much of my time to reading DC comic books that I've been ignoring a lot of the Marvel comic books I'm still(in some cases unfortunately)subscribed to. The pile of Marvel comic books I have still wrapped in their plastic factory wrapping is pathetic. I figured I might as well ask anyone who is still reading this post, what Marvel Comic would you recommend I read first? Here are the ongoing Marvel comic book series that have been piling up on me;

3 months of Wolverine:Origins

3 months of X-Men:Legacy

2 months of Uncanny X-Men

8(!) months of Ultimate Fantastic Four... Wow, 8 months is a LONG time... At least this subscription runs out in 2 more months!

6 months of Moon Knight

3 months of Astonishing X-Men. I haven't read an issue of this series since Warren Ellis took over the writing duties. I like Warren's writing, but I'll always resent him just a little since he was the driving force behind the Counter X storyline a while back, which ultimately led to the end of the "X-Man" comic series, as well as the death of Nate Grey... Yes, I still hold a bit of a grudge!

4 months of Fantastic Four

All 9 issues of the Cable series. After the end of my beloved Cable/Deadpool series, I just didn't feel like reading another Cable book...

7 months of X-Force

6 months of Ultimate X-Men

7 months of Runaways... You know, I really used to love this comic before Joss Whedon took it over, and it became plagued by delays...

5 months of Ultimates 3

4 months of Deadpool.

And that's just the regular, ongoing series. I have SEVERAL other piles of various Marvel and DC mini-series. If anyone wants to recommend any of the comic series I listed above, I'd happily put them near the top of my "to read" list. If not, who knows when(if) I'll get around to reading them!

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