Monday, January 5, 2009

New Arrivals

Two packages of comics arrived in the mail today. What's in them?!? How much will I complain about what I purchased?!? Will anybody care?!? All these questions and more will soon be answered!

First off, the three Starman TPB's I ordered last week arrived already, which is good in a way, but bad as well, since I have so many other books to get through first... Anyway, these 3 TPB's contain Starman #0-5, 7-10, 12-16, 17, 19-27(where are issues #6,11,18?). I guess if I really get into this series, I'll have to pick up these missing issues.

As for my regular comic store order, here's what I'll be typing about for the next few nights;

Flash #247... The last Wally West issue...

Nova #20-This is one of Marvel's gems. I can't wait to dig into this one.

Avengers:The Initiative #19-The best "Avengers" comic on the market today.

Birds of Prey #125-The end is near for this comic as well...

Batman #683-Now I can finally read Batman #682!

Mighty Avengers #20-This is the last issue of this series written by Brian Bendis. Next issue is the start of Dan Slott's run!!! I can't wait!

Thunderbolts #127-Most likely this will be the last T-Bolt comic I buy for the foreseeable future, unless this comic really blows me away. That's too bad, since I own every issue of this series. I just don't want to read a comic focused on Norman Osborn, Venom and Bullseye... If Songbird leaves this team in this issue, I leave this comic.

What If? Newer Fantastic Four & What If? Spider-Man Back in Black- What can I say, I love What If'? comics.

She-Hulk #36- Ugh, I just hope Peter David moves on to a new storyline in this book... I HATE the current one.

Nightwing #151- One day I'll finish reading the back issues of Nightwing, and when that day arrives, I'll read this comic.

Dark Reign:New Nation- HA HA HA , Marvel f###ed me good here! This comic is nothing but a bunch of damn previews for a bunch of comics I have no intention of collecting! I spent $3.99 on a f###ing comic that just contains a bunch of previews!!! AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

DC Universe Holiday Special- Why not?

Reign in Hell #6(of 8)-Two more issues and I'll read this mini-series.

Ghost Rider:Danny Ketch #3(of 5)-Once again, 2 more issues and I'll read this mini-series.

Trinity #29&30-22 more issues to go before I read this!

Plus, I picked up a couple of comics my sister wanted(what can I say, I'm a prince!)including a bunch of Green Lantern Corps comics(she's a fan of Guy Gardner and Kyle Rayner)as well as 2 Hellblazer comics... She has a strange taste in comic books. Well, enough talk, it's time to start reading!

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