Sunday, January 18, 2009

Quick thoughts on Secret Six #5

Overall- To be honest, I wasn't as happy with this comic as I was with the prior one. The revelation that Junior was Ragdoll's sister(!?!)just didn't do it for me. Ragdoll is the comic relief on the team, so I can't say I care too much that he has a psychotic sister. If Gail Simone wanted Junior to have some kind of family relationship with a Six member, I'd have chosen anyone else on the team besides Ragdoll.

Besides that, I just wasn't really into this story much. Scandal's friend wound up taking out the small army of villains who had attacked the Six at the end of the last issue, and she had also forced Cheshire to give the team an antidote to the poison Cheshire had secretly fed the team. I really didn't like the fact that most of the battle that ended the last issue was skipped, and we only learned what happened through little flashbacks and dialogue amongst the Six members.

It also kind of bothered me that the four members of the Six took a vote as to whether or not to rescue Bane from Junior, they voted 3 to 1 not to save him, and then went to save him anyway. I understand why the Six went to rescue Bane, it gives Gail a reason to have the Six square off against Junior, but by rushing off to rescue Bane, the team is potentially throwing away millions of dollars. Plus, Tarantula is still around, and I hate her from her Nightwing days. With all that said, I'll give this comic a score of 6 1/2 out of 10. The reveal of Junior's identity really wound up being a pretty big disappointment to me...

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