Tuesday, January 13, 2009

What else you got?

Besides the 3 comics I've read and posted earlier tonight, JSA#22, Teen Titans #66 and Avengers: The Initiative #20, here's the rest of the stuff that arrived today.

Final Crisis: Secret Files- Don't know what it's all about, but since it says Final Crisis on it, I was compelled to buy it.

What If? Secret Wars- It's a What If?, and Dr. Doom is on the cover... Nuff said.

Legion of Super-Heroes #49- After this issue, there is only one issue of this comic series left. I can't even express in words how sad that makes me. This comic is one of my monthly favorites, and I'm really going to miss reading about these characters...

Justice League of America #28- Hoo boy, I'm not looking forward to reading this comic!

Guardians of the Galaxy #8- Now this comic on the other hand I can't wait to dig into! GotG is one of those little known gems Marvel is putting out.

Batman #684- It's Batman! Why wouldn't I buy it?

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