Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Wedding of Green Arrow and Black Canary.

Quick question, why is Connor Hawke preforming the ceremony? I mean that seriously. I have an OK idea of Connor, I'm not an expert on him by any means, but I was a bit surprised that he was the one marrying Dinah and Ollie. Wouldn't someone like Zauriel have been a more logical choice to carry out the ceremony?


  1. When Connor was growing up, before Ollie even knew that he existed, he lived in some Buddist monestary in Asia, somewhere. Anyways, I believe that he either was a priest or was considered one because of his education there. Plus, in comic book years, Ollie's only even known about him for a short period of time . . a few years. In that time he's been doing everything he can to make up for missing his childhood. I think he thought he was making a gesture when he asked him to perform the ceremony. You can find out a lot about Connor in the last Green Arrow series, plus there's some crossover in the Kyle Raynor Green Lantern books. They tried to do a Green Lantern/Green Arrow thing for a while there.

  2. I actually have a bunch of those Green Arrow/Green Lantern comics, but, like many other comics I own, I haven't gotten around to reading them yet.

    The idea that Ollie asked Connor to perform the ceremony as a good will gesture makes the most sense, given your logic, plus the fact that Hal Jordan and/or Roy Harper were the best man/men, so Ollie had to give Connor some kind of important role at the wedding. Thanks for making that a little clearer.