Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Media Blackout Time!

OK, I mentioned in an earlier post that as of the end of this post, I will NOT be reading the newspaper, watching any news channels, or even going online. Yes, I am avoiding all things that could potentially spoil the events of Final Crisis #6, which is being released today, Wednesday, January 14. Supposedly, this issue is going to reveal the final fate of Batman, and NOTHING will spoil the events of this comic book for me. Now, checking out the online store I ordered FC #6 from, I'm shocked to discover that my order was shipped 6:30 pm Tuesday night, which means it's possible that I might be able to get my hands on FC #6 today(yes, I paid extra for expedited shipping!). However, until I've read FC #6, I won't be posting anything to my blog...
Yes, I'm upset about not posting anything as well, but after having the events of Captain America #25(Steve Rogers' death)spoiled for me by a news channel a few years back, I'm taking no chances of accidentally hearing or reading about what happens to Batman in FC #6. Once I read FC #6 though, I'll have a full review of it up, so if you too are avoiding spoilers in regard to FC #6, steer clear of my blog until you've read that issue, because I can guarantee, when I post my next post, it will be chock FULL of spoilers. Well, until then, so long.

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