Sunday, January 11, 2009

Nightwing vs The Joker

If I wasn't a fan of Nightwing before, I certainly would be after this. Hell, Batman should have beaten the Joker to death years ago!


  1. But Batman wasn't one to stoop to the level of murdering a murderer and such like that. He didn't even kill him after he killed Jason. Just put him in a body cast for six months. But still, holy crap. You also have to respect him for never falling that low, even after the heartbreak that was Jason's death.

  2. Man, these pictures could really use a redo... My old scanner was horrible!

    Actually, I'm just the opposite! After Joker killed Jason, especially in the manner in which he did, I lost repect for Bats NOT killing Joker! But then, Bats can be kind of weird depending on who's writing him... I remember he was going to kill Joker after he thought Joker killed Tommy Elliot in the first Hush storyline, and yet Joker brutally beating and then blowing Jason up wasn't enough to push Bats over the edge! Go figure!