Monday, January 19, 2009

Retro Quick Thoughts on Superman/Batman #26

Overall- This is one of those comic books I picked up on a whim(I tend to do that alot). This story was a very moving one, and focused on Robin reminiscing about his dead friend, Superboy. Reading this comic really made me miss how great the Teen Titans series used to be. I miss Conner so much... Robin and Superboy always had such great chemistry, and this story really emphasized that fact.

The story dealt with Robin recounting to his friends about the time he and Superboy were searching for the new 13 year old Toyman who had gone missing. After running through various deathtraps, from the serious to the ridiculous, SB and Robin discover Toyman was never missing, and had staged the whole fake kidnapping for some attention. Robin and SB tell Toyman next time he wants some attention, he should just call on the phone. Toyman happily accepts and the story ends with Robin back at Titans Tower with all of his friends/teammates, looking up at the statue of Superboy.

The story was made all the more touching when I realized that it was plotted by Jeph Loeb's son Sam, who had died of cancer at the terribly young age of 17. The comic was scripted and drawn by a variable who's who in the comic book industry. After the main story, Jeph penned a short story about his son that left me practically in tears... With that said, besides the "Death of Captain Marvel" graphic novel, this was the most moving comic book I have ever read, and for a score, I'm going to give it a 10 out of 10.

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