Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Nova #20

Overall- This comic book is so f###ing amazing that I think I'll name my first born child Nova... Well, maybe I won't go that far, but this comic is heads and shoulders better than most of the other comics I am currently reading.

The main gist of this story deals with Rich learning that Worldmind has empowered Rich's little brother Robbie with the powers of a Nova Centurion, as well as making Robbie an official member of the Nova Corps. Needless to say, Rich is less than pleased that Worldmind did this behind his back and Rich tells Robbie that he isn't ready to wield the awesome power of a Nova Centurion. Robbie absolutely rips into Rich, telling him that he's just jealous that Robbie finally has some powers, which means that Rich isn't so special anymore. With that, Robbie curses his big brother out and storms away, leaving Rich at a loss as to what step to take next.

Rich decides to get some of the old New Warriors(!)together, and only Firestar and Justice show up, since the other founding members of the NW are either dead or crazy. The three former New Warriors begin to reminisce about old times and I realize that this comic book is just layer upon layer of spectacular. I don't think anyone reading this post realizes just how much I loved the old New Warriors series. Anyway, Rich asks his old teammates for their advice on what he should do about the entire situation, and both Firestar and Justice tell Rich that since he has trusted Worldmind with his life before, he should probably trust Worldmind's judgement with regards to making Robbie a Nova Centurion.

Rich admits that he is just worried about his little brother's safety, but decides to back off and give Robbie the chance to be his own man, as well as trusting Wordmind's decision. The three friends part ways, and Rich notices some extremely strange weather occurring. Rich tries to get in touch with Worldmind, but Worldmind either can't or won't respond, so Rich leaves on his own to locate the source of the strange weather. Rich flies up into the air and spots Ego the Living Planet staring down at him from the heavens. Let me repeat that, EGO THE LIVING PLANET!!!! Oh, and just to really keep me salivating for the next issue, upon looking closely at the final page of this comic, Ego seems to have the symbol of the Nova Corps on it's head. What have you done now Worldmind???

I can't stress how much I love this series. It's one of my favorite monthly comic books by far. I absolutely loved this comic book from beginning to end. Rich's interaction with Robbie, the playful verbal jousting between Rich and Vance, everything about this comic was perfect. This comic book actually makes me remember what I used to love so much about the Marvel Universe.

My God, I was such a New Warriors fan as a kid! I can see that I still am after all these years, and I don't mean that pathetic excuse for a New Warriors that Marvel put out last year, I mean the real, old school New Warriors. Night Thrasher, Kid Nova, Marvel Boy, Firestar, Namorita, Speedball... I miss that team SO much... All I can do is thank the marvelous writing team of Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning for indulging me in this mini New Warriors reunion.

As for a score, do you think I could possibly give this comic anything less than a 10 out of 10? If you were a fan of Marvel in the 1990's there is absolutely no reason for you not to pick this comic up. Hell, even if you weren't a fan of Marvel in the 90's, please, buy this comic book. Nova is one of the real gems in the Marvel Universe right now, and that is very HIGH praise coming from me, considering how dissatisfied I've been with Marvel in general lately. God, I really loved this comic book...

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