Thursday, January 8, 2009

She-Hulk # 36

Overall- Once more tonight(cause I'm feeling lazy)I'll do this review in brief(yeah right!)bullet points.

-She-Hulk meets with the president of Marinmer, and winds up getting drugged while debating him. Oh and the Invisible Woman was also drugged since she followed Shulkie into the meeting.

-She-Hulk awakens tied to a bed while Darqon Par(the president of Marinmer)leers pervertedly at her. Apparently, the drugs Shulkie inhaled also served to turn her back to plain old powerless Jennifer Walters.

-Before Par manages to do anything to Jen, one of Par's generals rushes in and attacks him. It turns out the general was actually Shulkie's best friend, Jazinda(who as a Skrull could easily impersonate the general).

-Jazinda wants to kill Par for the things he has done, as well as what he was preparing to do to Shulkie, but Jen, who is back to her She-Hulk form since the drugs have worn off, tells Jazinda that killing Par would make her as evil as he is.

-Jazinda tosses Par aside, and he continues to taunt Shulkie. Shulkie finally has enough and swings a fist at Par, but is prevented from hitting him thanks to the timely arrival of the Invisible Woman and one of her force fields.

-Shulkie then cooks up a plan in which Jazinda imitates Par on TV and "kills" herself in Par's guise, which removes him from office(Jazinda has the ability to come back from the dead, so she can easily shoot herself in the head and survive). Shulkie takes Par and drops him in the Australian outback, where his only neighbors will be Aborigines who have no contact with the modern world.

-The issue ends with Marinmer in worse turmoil then before and Shulkie getting arrested by the Justice Department for willful violation of international borders.

This issue was WAY better than the last few issues of this series have been, mainly thanks to the fact that She-Hulk wasn't nearly as preachy in this issue as she was in prior issues. All in all, I enjoyed this issue, and I thoroughly enjoyed the way Peter David wrote the character of Darqon Par. The guy was such a sleaze, in both appearance and actions. Par was one scuzzy character, who totally would have deserved a fist through the face. For a score, I'll give this issue a 7 out of 10, which is alot better than the score the last few issues of She-Hulk have received from me.

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