Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Nothing to say, nothing to do.

I really don't have all that much to say tonight. School was shut down today due to a few paltry inches of snow, so I spent most of the day sleeping, watching TV and playing Lego Batman, which I can(proudly?)say I completed 100% of. What a full, exciting day huh? Oh yeah, my replica Two-Face coin and Starman goggles arrived today, and they're both pretty good looking. I especially can't wait to wear the Starman goggles this spring/summer.

I did get around to ordering Final Crisis #7 last night, so now I have to wait until next week before I get my hands on that comic. Until then though, I'll be trying to avoid spoilers like the plague! After finishing this post, I'll probably post a random picture, before continuing to read Starman. I'm really enjoying this comic alot, and hopefully by tomorrow(yeah, I know I keep saying that)I'll have a review of the second Starman tpb posted. Until next time, LONG LIVE THE LEGION!

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