Thursday, January 1, 2009

Daredevil #114

Overall- What a great comic book this is!!! First of all, and completely off topic, early in this issue, Matt thinks to himself about how much easier his life would be if he just moved into a cave, had no family or friends, and only emerged at night to bust criminal's heads... Hmm, that scenario kind of reminds me of a certain Caped Crusader... You've got to love Ed Brubaker!

This issue opens with Matt discovering that Milla's parents have filed a court motion to gain permanent custody of their daughter. Matt is furious, and tells Foggy that he'll fight the Donovans to the bitter end. Much to Matt and Foggy's surprise, the Donovans arrive at Matt and Foggy's law offices, along with there own lawyers. Matt and Milla's parents get into a shouting match, but both sides are calmed down by the Donovan's lawyer, Maki Matsumoto.

The two sides begin to go over the case, and Matt begins to study Maki. Matt begins to sense that Maki could possibly be Lady Bullseye, and accuses her of hiding something. Before Matt can press the issue, Milla's mother produces the divorce papers Milla gave Matt during a rough patch in their marriage. Matt explains that the papers were never filed because the two of them reconciled. Dakota North enters the room to offer both sides some coffee, and Milla's mother rips into Dakota, to the surprise of Matt, Foggy and Dakota. When Foggy inquires why Milla's mother was so upset with Dakota, Maki pulls out photo's of Matt and Dakota having sex, taken through Matt's bedroom window... WHOOPS!!!

After revealing the photos, Milla's parents tell Matt that since he doesn't care about their daughter anymore, he should give them custody so they could all move on. With that, the Donovans and their lawyers leave. Matt is needless to say in a horrible mood, and still says he'll fight the Donovans in court. Foggy tells Matt that the private eye who took the pictures would confirm Dakota's alibi that Daredevil didn't kill the criminals from earlier in the storyline, as well as burning all of the incriminating photos of Matt and Dakota. On top of that, Foggy tells Matt that there is no way a judge wouldn't side with the Donovans, especially with the photographic evidence of Matt cheating on his insane wife. Matt still states that he wants to fight the Donovans in court, and Foggy tells Matt that since he has already let Milla go, he should stop clinging to her.

The rest of this comic dealt with Master Izo, Iron Fist, Black Tarantula and the Hand. Izo and Iron Fist hang out at a bar, while Izo plans his next move against the Hand. Black Tarantula on the other hand has been searching for White Tiger, who he thinks is on the Hand's hit list. Tarantula finds Tiger battling Hand ninjas on a roof top and jumps in to help her, not realizing that she has already been killed and reborn as a member of the Hand, and that the battle was just a ruse to lure him to them.

We discover that Lady Bullseye was indeed Maki Matsumoto, the Donovan's lawyer, and a member of the Hand confronts her at her house, asking her why she was disobeying the orders of the Hand leader and continuing to interfere with Daredevil, even though she was instructed to leave him alone. Lady Bullseye kills the ninja and tells him she has no master... Interesting...

Izo and Iron Fist leave the bar, and Izo is disturbed by the fact that he doesn't sense he is being watched by any Hand ninjas. This leads Izo to believe the Hand is making their move on Daredevil, and he tells Iron Fist they have to find Matt. At that moment, Matt returns to his home and is assaulted with a device that messes up his senses and makes him nauseous. After locating and destroying the machine, Matt turns around and realizes he is surrounded by Hand ninjas as well as White Tiger and Black Tarantula, who are both now members of the Hand.

This comic is getting better with every issue as we roll towards the end of this storyline. So, now we have White Tiger and Black Tarantula as members of the Hand, Lady Bullseye apparently going freelance and Matt's personal life being dragged through the mud. What more needs to be said! Ed Brubaker is one of those writers who has me on the edge of my seat whenever I read his work. I can't wait for the next issue of this story. For a score, this comic gets a very easy 10 out of 10. One month is too long a wait to find out what will happen next in this storyline!

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