Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Waiting til Midnight...

Come midnight, which is in about an hour, I'll be placing my order for Final Crisis #7, and I can't wait! I still haven't finished the second Starman tpb as I had hoped to, but maybe by tomorrow I'll have something posted about this trade. I do want to say that for me, the best thing about these Starman comics I've been reading is the interaction between the characters. James Robinson's dialogue is just so dead on. I really love the interaction between Jack and his father, and Jack and the Shade.

Within an hour or so I should have a review of the latest X-Factor up, which arrived in the mail today, and should show us what will become of Siryn and the baby. On a more personal note, I am currently keeping my fingers crossed that my college will be shut down tomorrow due to the impending winter storm barreling my way. It's actually kind of funny, just 3 short years ago, I used to DREAD snow, because it would mean waking up at 4 in the morning, standing in the snow waiting for the bus and getting to work for 5:30-6:00am to start hour upon hour of shoveling snow. That job really SUCKED! It was alot of hard work to get myself back into college, but looking back, it was well worth it. Well, this post brought me a little closer to midnight... Next up is a review for X-Factor #39. As always, LONG LIVE THE LEGION!

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