Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Final Crisis: Secret Files

Overall- This comic was basically a telling of the life story of the villain Libra, who as anyone reading Final Crisis knows, is one of the main antagonists. We watch Libra grow up from an abused youth to a young man who was willing to do anything to attain his goal of absolute power. In order to reach his goals, Libra unknowingly makes a deal with Darkseid, and attacks the Justice League, many years ago. Libra manages to gain absolute power, after capturing the entire Justice League, but is driven insane by the knowledge that came with his absolute power, and his body dissipates.

Several years later, Libra's body reforms on Apokolips, and he is taken under the wing of Darkseid, who plans to use the knowledge Libra gained in some way that is not revealed. After that, Libra returns to Earth, kills the Martian Manhunter, unites the Secret Society of Villains under his leadership, and ultimately unleashes the Anti-Life Equation on the planet Earth.

For what was basically a glorified origin issue, this was a pretty good read. I don't really care about Libra one way or the other(the guy is basically only Darkseid's lackey), but Len Wein(writer)put together a good story. Nothing really memorable happened, and if you didn't read this comic you wouldn't be missing out on any of the Final Crisis story, but it was a good story nonetheless. For a score I'll give this comic a 7 out of 10. Like I said, this was an OK comic book, but all it really did was recapped the life of Libra and the events of Final Crisis thus far.

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