Monday, January 19, 2009

Quick thoughts on Batman #684

This actually continues the story that began in Detective Comics #851... Why? I have no real clue. Since this is a 2 part story, why not continue it in, oh I don't know, Detective Comics??? Anyway, here's my take.

Overall- I liked this story. That's it. It would be kind of funny if I just left things at that, but being a windbag, I'll expand a bit more on that. This was a good story. It was pretty forgettable, but it served the purpose of killing 10 minutes or so. The one glaring negative I will say is that in this 2 part story, Nightwing has come across looking pretty weak. He admits as much to Alfred, and Alfred gives him a pep talk, basically saying that Batman made plenty of mistakes at the start of his crime fighting career as well. Um, but hasn't Dick Grayson been a hero for the better part of his LIFE? I mean, sure, Dick isn't Bruce Wayne, but he's sure as hell not some fresh faced amateur!

Besides that, like I said this story was OK. The mystery of Millicent Mayne wasn't really explained here, which was a little frustrating. She had acid thrown into her face by a thug pretending to be Two-Face and now wanders the streets of Gotham with some sort of apparent telepathic abilities. Where her powers come from is never explained, and the cops and Nightwing kind of seem to write her off as a nutcase. I guess she could be a ghost or something, but this comic really downplayed the supernatural feeling coming off of Millicent that I was feeling after Detective #851. So, who knows.

The bottom line is that these Last Rites stories that are running through the Bat-titles really seem to be placing Dick in position to inherit the Batman mantle. I think I'll actually dedicate a post to this possibility, because I am starting to develop some pretty strong feelings with regard to Dick becoming Batman. As for this comic, I'll give it a score of 6 1/2 out of 10.

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