Sunday, January 25, 2009

Final Crisis #7... Already??? But what about Legion of Three Worlds?

I'm not complaining, but wow, DC sure isn't wasting any time releasing Final Crisis #7 are they? With that said, I have one simple question... What ever happened to Final Crisis: Legion of Three Worlds??? Being a huge fan of the Legion of Super-Heroes, I've really been looking forward to issue #3 of this Final Crisis tie-in. If I'm correct, Legion of Three Worlds was supposed to run 5 issues. If the main Final Crisis storyline is ending this week(January 28), I was wondering where this leaves Legion of Three Worlds. I know the last installment of Final Crisis: Revelations is coming out with FC #7, but I was just curious if anybody knows what the status of Legion of Three Worlds is...


  1. Actually Didio said something about this during his weekly interview at Newsarama. Essentially, the rest of the books they have coming out, line-wide are reliant upon the ending of Final Crisis, so they need to get it out there. However, since Legion of 3 Worlds doesn't really affect anything, they can afford to wait to let George Perez finish doing his art, instead of getting a faster artist.

    As a fan of the Legion and George Perez, I'm fine with this, because I think his art is worth the wait.

  2. Cool, thanks for the quick response. I'm pretty obsessive when it comes to avoiding spoilers, so I've been avoiding sites like Newsarama, at least until Final Crisis wraps up.

    I did notice that this Wednesday, Jan. 28th, DC is really putting out a lot of books, I guess to get everything up to date with the impending conclusion of FC. This February should be pretty interesting in the DCU.

    I'm just glad to hear that Legion of 3 Worlds is still in the works and wasn't scrapped or anything. I can understand George needing some extra time to draw this series, he has a huge cast of characters to draw here! That series must be an artist's nightmare, with having to remember who's who, which era of each Legion wears what costume, etc!