Thursday, January 22, 2009

Some Random Rambling.

Hey, I figured I'd treat(or punish)everyone by just posting about whatever comes to mind for the next 15 minutes(I've got 15 minutes to kill).

-First things first, and I'll be honest with you, I'm a little ashamed to admit it, but I've been playing(and thoroughly enjoying)Lego Batman on my PS3. As a Batman fan, I LOVE that damn game! First off, you get to play as something like 40 different characters, including(obviously)Batman and Robin, as well as most of the villains in the Batman Universe. For me though, the real fun comes in getting to play as my personal favorite, Nightwing. There's nothing more fun than having the Scarecrow throw fear gas at a bunch of cops and then have Nightwing knock the cops out with a batarang. On top of that, you can create your own character and use them in the game, which is pretty cool. Yep, Lego Batman has been monopolizing what little free time I have left.

-And to be honest, I sure don't have much free time left anymore since school has started back up again this week. In the three days I've been back, I've been loaded with tons of homework! Jeez, usually the professors wait about a week before they start to pile on the homework! Every single class I'm taking this semester has already assigned homework, including a paper due for English tomorrow! So, if my posting seems sporadic or worse than usual(it can get WORSE?!?)blame the barrage of homework I'm dealing with.

-I finally decided to stop collecting Thunderbolts, which was a tough decision... I've collected every single issue of that series, but the team has strayed so far from it's roots, it made my decision a little bit easier. Besides dropping the T-Bolts, I won't be renewing my subscription to the Punisher series, ANY of the Ultimate titles and POSSIBLY the Runaways. I have like 7 issues of the Runaways to catch up on, but that series just hasn't been the same since Brian K. Vaughan left it. Joss Whedon's run really bothered me because of the constant delays. Having to wait 5 months between issues really hurt the flow of this comic for me. Eventually, I'll try to catch up on this series so I can see if I should bother to renew it or not.

-I placed an order for comics this week and was kind of surprised to see the price for Final Crisis: Superman Beyond 3D #2 to be $4.50... Isn't charging $3.99 enough? Jeez, I guess DC is trying to milk as many pennies from me as they possibly can...

-Speaking of DC, I've always wondered why they seem hesitant to put out as many trade paper backs as Marvel does. That's one good thing about Marvel, they put EVERYTHING in tpb. DC only puts a very select few book in trades, and it usually takes them months/years to put one out. Marvel on the other hand has already put out a trade collecting "Secret Invasion"! That's pretty damn impressive, considering the fact that Secret Invasion only ended 1 month ago. Although DC has definitely gotten alot better when it comes to releasing trades, they are still lagging behind Marvel on this front.

-8pm tomorrow(Friday)on Cartoon Network, Batman: The Brave and the Bold! I know I'll be watching.

-Alright! My 15 minutes are up, which means I can end this post. Before I do go though, I'd ask any readers who have read Final Crisis #6 to give this post and this post a read and tell me what you think about the events that played out in FC #6. Even if you're not planning to read FC #6, give those posts a look, and tell me what you think. Yes, that's right, I just shamelessly plugged my own blog! And with that pitiful act, I'm done!

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