Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Quick thoughts on Captain America #45

Overall- Well, after 40+ great issues of this series, Ed Brubaker finally wrote a Captain America story that just didn't appeal to me. Basically, this issue deals with Bucky trying to stop Batroc and The Man With No Face(yes, that's his name)from stealing some top secret UN project. Bucky remembers his first battle with The Man With No Face, back in his days as a Soviet secret agent, where The Man With No Face was working for a Chinese scientist. Bucky nearly didn't escape the battle with The Man With No Face the first time, but did manage to get away by the skin of his teeth, where he discovered some strange experiments the Chinese scientist was working on. However, we never really find out exactly what kinds of experiments Bucky comes upon.

Back in the present, Bucky nearly loses the battle, but is saved by the timely intervention of the Black Widow. Widow manages to chase off Batroc and The Man With No Face, and we learn that the UN project Batroc was attempting to steal was the remains of the original Human Torch(the android one from the 1940's). Bucky is outraged, since he fought alongside the Torch in World War 2, and he swears that he'll get answers about why The Man With No Face was trying to help Batroc steal Torch's remains, as well as why the UN was experimenting on the deceased(?)/deactivated Torch.

Like I said, this story just didn't have the same magic Brubaker's earlier Cap work had. I'm sure Ed will return to form quickly, he's too good a writer not to, but this story just wasn't up my alley. For a score, I'll go with a 7 out of 10. This was a good issue, but no where near the usual lofty standards of Ed Brubaker's Captain America work.

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