Friday, January 2, 2009

New Avengers #46

Overall- And my torture continues...

-The Skrulls have decided to infiltrate the Hood's criminal "empire". Yeah, that's the way to win this planet, take the place of some third rate, loser criminals... Those Skrulls, pure genius...

-The Hood rallies his group of losers and shows them that the Skrulls have not only infiltrated SHIELD, but possibly the FF and the Avengers. This solidifies the bad guys behind the Hood's leadership.

-The Hood demands to know the source of his magical hood's powers, and we find out the hood is an artifact of the Dread Dormammu.

-I really enjoyed the Hood's original appearance(he was created by Brian K. Vaughan a few years back in a mini-series). As usual, Brian Bendis is ignoring yet another character's history and making up whatever the f### he wants as he goes along. The Hood Brian Vaughan created and the Hood Brian Bendis is using are practically two different characters. Damn it Bendis, if you are going to make use of a character, make sure you at least understand the history and the motivations of the f###ing character!

-On the plus side I do like the Dread Dormammu, so I can't complain about his involvement too much.

Just because Dormammu showed up, I'll give this comic a 2 out of 10. Besides Dormammu's unexpected appearance, this comic sucked as usual. Once again, not one single member of the New Avengers showed up in this book... That's kind of funny, you know, considering the comic is titled THE NEW AVENGERS!!!

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