Thursday, January 8, 2009

What If?: Spider-Man Back in Black #1

Overall- Once again, I'll do this review in bullet format. Knowing how I am though, I'm sure I'll still write a whole lot here.

-The main difference in this comic book is that Mary Jane is shot and killed by Kingpin's assassin, as opposed to Aunt May. Spidey gets clipped by the assassin, but manages to catch up to the killer. Spidey threatens the assassin, and he gives up the Kingpin as the guy who hired him. The assassin tries to shoot Spidey, but winds up shooting himself and dies.

-Kingpin alerts the authorities that his life is in danger and the F.B.I. tells Tony Stark to move Kingpin someplace safer then Rykers Island Prison. Stark tries to have SHIELD escort Kingpin away from Rykers, but Spidey intercepts the transport and attacks the agents. Iron Man arrives and attacks Spidey.

-While Spidey and Stark fight, Kingpin is led away by a couple of uniformed police officers. Spidey manages to defeat Stark, by exploiting a flaw in Stark's armor, and eventually catches up to Kingpin at Newark Airport.

-Kingpin reveals that the cops who took him away were in his pocket and that he has kidnapped Aunt May. Kingpin steps aside and we see Aunt May flanked by 2 goons holding guns to her head. Kingpin tells Spidey that he wants to literally beat him to death, and that if Spidey make one move towards Aunt May or attempts to defend himself, the goons will shoot May.

-Spidey punches Kingpin as hard as he can in the chest, which kills him and webs up one of the goons. Spidey then tells the other goon that since Kingpin is dead, he won't be getting paid to shoot May, plus if he does shoot her, Spidey will just kill him as well. The goon surrenders and Spidey webs him up.

-Aunt May is repulsed and horrified by Spidey's murderous antics and Iron Man and the cops show up to arrest Spidey. Spidey turns himself in to the cops, but not before blaming Stark for what happened to MJ. Stark, pompous as ever, states that everything that occurred was Spidey's fault and the issue ends with Spidey being led away in handcuffs, while Stark consoles the distraught Aunt May.

This issue wasn't that bad. Actually, this ending would have been preferable to what Marvel ultimately did with Spidey, you know, erasing years of character development because they f###ed up by revealing Spidey's identity in a lame attempt to boost comic book sales... ANYWAY, I had no problem with this issue one way or the other. It told an OK story, and was perfectly acceptable to me. For a score, I'll give this comic a 7 out of 10.

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