Friday, October 8, 2010

Young Allies #5

Overall: This was the last part of the initial storyline for this series. We learn that the leader of the Bastards of Evil was actually the Leader's 10 year old son who was calling himself the Superior. Besides having the mental capacity to rival his old man, the Superior also seems to have vast telekinetic abilities. We learn that the Superior took a bunch of normal teenagers and perverted them, changing their personalities and turning them into his own family of Bastards. The Superior basically trounces the Young Allies and a few of his own Bastards who turn on him until he lets it slip that he transformed the Bastards with radiation, which Young Allies member Firestar manipulates. Firestar uses her abilities to neutralize Superior and his remaining Bastards and the Bastards all get locked away thanks to the late arrival of the New Avengers... I love the way the Avengers show up AFTER all of the work was done! What a bunch of glory hounds! From there the Allies seem undecided as to whether they should stick together or if they should go their own ways.

Eh, this comic was okay I guess. The main problem I had with it, and I will admit that it's not really a fair complaint is that the whole evil 10 year old kid storyline has already been done a million times better in the old LEGION comic, as well as the current REBELS series. The Superior wanted to break down society and build it anew but better, which was really similar to Brainiac 3 over in LEGION. I couldn't help but compare the two, and as such, this storyline/issue came up short for me. It wasn't horrible or anything, but it just didn't really wow me.

Score: 6 out of 10.When all else fails, always remember to throw your cell phone at the villain.

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