Saturday, October 9, 2010

Secret Six #26

Overall: This is the second part of a four part story pitting half the Secret Six against the other. It seems Spy Smasher has sent Bane and five other miscreants to the land of Skartaris in order to annex it for the US. The rest of the Six were sent by Amanda Waller(under the guise of Mockingbird)to halt Spy Smasher and Bane's antics. This naturally ends with the two factions battling it out with Bane refusing to fight against Scandal Savage(who he sees as a daughter), before allowing her to cut his throat.

Umm, first things first, in the Marvel Universe there is a place called the Savage Land. In it there are dinosaurs, cavemen and other things you'd expect to see back in the prehistoric days. I HATE the Savage Land with a passion. This Skartaris seems to be DC's answer to the Savage Land(although why DC believes they NEED an answer for the Savage Land is beyond me). So take what I said about the Savage Land and multiply that by ten and you have my feelings towards Skartaris. I will say that the story is vaguely interesting, with Spy Smasher and Amanda Waller playing a high stakes game of chess with the two Secret Six teams serving as their pieces, and the fight scene between the two teams was great, but Skartaris and the fact that Black Alice is STILL hanging around this series really hurt my enjoyment of this comic... A lot.

Score: 5 1/2 out of 10.I sure as hell wouldn't want to mess with THAT group!


  1. My thrill at seeing Giganta was instantly subdued by my disgust at seeing Dwarfstar.

  2. HA!!!!! Ahhh Kello... I should have just cropped the picture so that only Giganta appeared in the scene. Oh well, next time I'll give you a Giganta only pic! :D