Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Overall: This issue gets started with the two rookie Green Lanterns from the end of last issue standing in front of the Guardians of the Universe trying to explain what went down between them and Vril Dox. The rookie Lanterns decided that they'd had enough of Dox throwing his weight around and as such intended on hauling him to Oa to face a multitude of charges. What the rookies didn't count on was the fact that Lobo was once again working with Dox. The two Lanterns and Lobo fight for a while until Dox has had enough time to contact several LEGION ships and camera crews to the scene. Once the cameras arrive, Dox begins to go on about the differences between his group and the Green Lantern Corps, led by the secretive Guardians. Dox then throws down the gauntlet, stating that he's tired of the Guardians deciding what was and wasn't legal in the universe, regardless of each planet's customs, basically pitting himself against the GLC. From there we head back to the present with the Guardians continuing their interrogation of the rookie Lanterns.

For the most part I thoroughly enjoyed this comic. If I had one complaint it would be the fact that the two rookie Lanterns had such a large role in things. When I want to read about the Green Lantern Corps, I'll pick up the Green Lantern Corps series. I was also a bit miffed at how Dox seemed to let his evil son off the hook by stating to the cameras that Lyrl was secretly assisting him against Brainiac. I guess Dox arresting Lyrl then and there would have been a PR nightmare, but still, Lyrl was nearly as bad as the elder Brainiac these past few issues. Besides that though, this comic was awesome! I really liked all of the shots Dox took at the Green Lantern Corps, because quite frankly, they were all true! Exactly who told the Guardians that it was okay to force their own laws and customs onto the rest of the universe? Nobody! A REBELS/GLC battle, if done right, could be pretty great stuff. On top of that, Lobo seems to have become a full time cast member here(yes!)and Dox was his regular arrogant self. Tony Bedard(the writer)even took the time to explain why Lobo had rejoined Dox and crew, seamlessly incorporating pieces of Lobo's past actions during the 52 mini-series to explain why the Main Man was in financial trouble. Here's hoping next issue has more Dox and less Lanterns.

Score: 8 1/2 out of 10.I couldn't agree more!

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