Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Brightest Day #11

Overall: This issue mainly revolves around the Firestorms, with a little bit of Aquaman thrown in for good measure. First up the Aquaman stuff, since it was pretty simple. Aquaman and Black Manta fight, which buys the Aqualad some time to get his adopted father to safety. Eventually Aquaman throws Manta in front of a truck, gathers Aqualad and his old man, gets in the truck and drives away, leaving Manta standing in the background. The Firestorm stuff was WAY more convoluted, but I'll do my best to make sense of it. The evil Black Lantern Firestorm(who is now calling himself Deathstorm)absorbs Prof. Stein and Jason Rusch's father to mess with the two Firestorms. Deathstorm then heads to the White Lantern Power Battery, picks it up and summons Black Lantern versions of all of the characters who came back to life at the end of Blackest Night at the behest of some unseen force. Oh, and for some reason Mars has a forest in the shape of the Black Lantern symbol on it, which the Martian Manhunter isn't overly pleased about.

What the bloody hell was this all about?!? So Deathstorm is still around because the other two Firestorms won't let him go? What does that even mean?? They secretly want their evil Black Lantern counterpart hanging around? And what's up with Deathstorm being able to lift the White Lantern Power Battery by “corrupting” it? Was that really all it took to pick that damn thing up? And are we supposed to believe that it was Nekron's voice guiding Deathstorm's actions? Because if that's the case, he sure didn't bother staying “dead” for long. One more thing, did we really need the Black Lanterns to return ALREADY??? I mean Blackest Night ended what, 6 months back tops? DC is already bringing back these characters? We couldn't even wait a year before the Black Lanterns return? With the Black Lanterns and apparently Nekron back already, what exactly did the end of Blackest Night accomplish? Besides that we had the Black Manta/Aquaman fight which ended with Aquaman throwing Manta into a truck and then proceeding to drive away in said truck while Manta stood there watching perplexed. Way to take care of your enemy Aquaman... On top of that, Manta tells Aquaman during their fight that when he gutted Aquaman's infant son the kid whimpered. Umm, when the hell did THAT happen? I recall Manta leaving Arthur Jr to suffocate in a glass bubble. He never gutted the kid! Can't the writers of this crap even be bothered to get their facts straight?? As for the Black Lantern symbol on Mars, why not I guess... I'm through trying to figure out this comic.

Score: 4 out of 10.You know, it's stuff like this that causes comic fans to think Aquaman is so weak.


  1. *Stands up Clapping* Dear God YES! I've been waiting for this review and you did not disappoint. At this point I just wanna see your Brightest Day reviews to see how bad you rip them. I hope one of them eventually makes you stoop to my level and drop a N/A.

  2. Well, I've been on the, "I hate Brightest Day" bandwagon since the beginning, so you can rest assured that there will be many more reviews in which I just go to town on this series. Man, a score of N/A would be REALLY bad... I don't know if I've ever read something that was so bad that I just gave up before finishing... Sure, I've skimmed a few books that were terrible just to get to the end, but I've never just stopped a comic cold. Well, if any series would be able to make me do that, it would be this one(or of course Return of Bruce Wayne!)

  3. I was gonna say haha didn't you do that with that issue of Gen Lost? Any chance on you ever finishing up that?

    In a semi-related note, no interest in reading the current Power Girl series X?

  4. I might do a review with like 4 or 5 Gen Lost comics in it eventually. I mean I keep getting these issues and I'm just not reading them. I REALLY need to throw them in my book bag or something, because when I'm in bed looking for a comic, I always find something else to read.

    IDK, JT... I buy so many comics as it is, I'm just not sure. If you gave PG some REALLY glowing reviews(like with Gen Lost)I'd consider it, but after spending $47 on comics today, I'm kind of thinking that I have enough books as it is! :P

  5. Yeah, I'd say throw em in your bag buddy. Falisha recently read the last four issues and really liked them, so I'm sure you would too.

    X has enough comics? Hell has FROZEN over!!! Haha, but I get ya. I was just asking because I like how they do subtle crossovers with Gen Lost, especially in the last two issues.