Monday, October 25, 2010

We're gonna party like it's... 1500!?

I was just checking out my blog stats and I came to the realization that this is the 1,499th time I've posted to this blog... After several hours of difficult thinking, I realized that meant my next post was going to be #1,500! Yeah, I'm quite the math whiz. Much like most comic book fans, I'm a sucker for anniversary issues, since they're usually special. So I'm kind of thinking that my 1,500th post should be special too.

But what to do... Well, since this is a comic book blog, maybe I should look to comic books for the answer. Let's see, I'm not going to marry my best friend's girl(Fantastic Four #300) or tell my secret origin(Silver Surfer #50). I'm not going to give anybody a massive stroke(New X-Men #150), nor get decapitated(New X-Men #150 again)... I also don't plan on having my adamantium torn out(X-Men #25), dispersing my molecules all over the planet(X-Man #75), and don't worry, I'm not going to run around killing all of my former friends and co-workers(Green Lantern #50). Then again... Nah.

So what exactly is left to do? Um, I guess I could just post lots and lots of pretty, pretty pictures. That sounds like fun! So unless I have one of those mercurial mood swings I'm prone to, that's the plan. Post #1,500 will contain 1,500 different pictures from various comic books that I like for one reason or another... Hmm, 1,500 is a REALLY large number... Hows about we go with 15 pictures instead. Yeah, I think that's a tad more workable... So that's it then. My next post should contain a whole bunch of my favorite, memorable or iconic comic scans. There will probably be a few reposted pictures, but if you're new to the blog or have a really bad memory, then this post will be full of brand new pictures for you! That's going to have to do it for now, until post #1,500, X out.


  1. Congrats, X! Sorry for my absence in the comment sections lately, I've been super busy -- but I'm going to try and post some more comments in a few minutes. Anyway, 1500 posts is a crazy-awesome achievement and I'm looking forward to seeing which pics you choose!

  2. Lmao, when you said 1,500 pictures I almost died with laughter because that would kill even the fastest internet connection. I think one pic should be dedicated to one of us fellow bloggers! And happy 1,500 playa!

  3. Thanks Marc! And no worries, JT gives me enough comments for 5 people! :P

    Yeah, 1500 pics would probably be just a BIT much... I'd probably have the post up sometime next summer if I decided to go that route. Hell, 15 pics is going to take me long enough, with the searching, scanning and commenting!

    Don't you worry, JT, I'll make SURE to post SOMETHING with Jason Todd in it, and I PROMISE it won't be from that bizarre Morrison storyline. I wouldn't do that to you! :D

  4. Lol, see THAT'S why you're a good friend X. The fact you wouldn't subject me to that just means you're almost as awesome as I am. :D

  5. Wooooooooooo congrats X!!!! We should all go out and party and get tipsy!!

    But real talk, congratulations sir. I know it hasn't been easy to get to 1500 posts. But I've enjoyed them and look forward to 1500 more!!! :)

  6. Almost, JT? :P

    Thanks, Lisha! It hasn't been easy getting to 1500, but having met some awesome people(like yourself!)has made it REALLY worthwhile.

  7. Yep, ALMOST X, as in almost, but not quite there. :D