Thursday, October 21, 2010

Wonder Woman #603

Overall: While trying to ferry a few Amazons to safety, Wonder Woman runs into some creatures called Keres, whose job seemed to be to take the souls of the dead and dying and send them to the afterlife. WW decides to interfere, which cause her to get sent to the underworld... Whoops! While in the afterlife, WW finds herself at the River Styx and meets Charon, who tells her she didn't belong there and explains to her the way out. WW fights her way through those annoying Keres again, and arrives at the doorway out of the underworld, which was protected by the three-headed dog, Cerberus. For some reason Cerberus seems to like WW, and lays down before her, giving her a clear path out of the underworld and back to her body. Upon awakening, WW finds herself and the Amazons surrounded by dozens of solders, who offer the Amazons safe passage and a boat to freedom, provided WW faces the man who killed her mother and stole the magic lasso of truth. WW gladly accepts, and the Amazons escape. This issue ends with WW preparing to meet the man responsible for the death of her mother and the destruction of Paradise Island.

Hey, you know what? This was the first issue of JMS's WW run that I liked! The story was fun and rather simplistic, with WW battling the Keres and having to fight her way out of the underworld, and the ending left me interested in getting my hands on the next issue. Sure, I'm still not totally sold on this storyline, but this issue was a major step in the right direction.

Score: 7 1/2 out of 10.Umm, nice doggie?


  1. This doesn't sound completely awful... Am I actually contemplating buying this? Darn you X!

  2. Kello, yes you are going to buy this comic!!! Because you're awesome, and you're K-Dawg of course!!!

    Ahh X, the reviewer I love when it comes to wonder woman reviews. It brings tears to my eyes to see you actually liked an issue written by JMS. Lol. I REALLY liked this issue. One thing that didn't sit right with me was her using a gun. I don't know why I just can't see it, it's like Bruce and guns, it just doesn't seem right. Lol.

    But I'm definitely with you about the next issue. I cannot wait. I wish Wonder Woman was bi-weekly, instead of Brightest day. Lol.

    Nice short simple review sir. :)

    Can't wait for the next one. :)

  3. Give it a try, Kello! Then me and Lisha will have somebody else to talk WW with!

    I was surpirsed by how much I enjoyed this one, Lisha. I really was. You know I've been down on JMS's WW run so far, but maybe this is the issue that'll turn the corner for me. I know I can't WAIT to see WW face off against that guy who killed her mother and stole the lasso. That should be pretty awesome. As for the gun thing, I didn't really think about it at the time, but you have a point. It be like Superman running around with a gun. I mean, it's not like he swore he'd never use a gun(like Bruce), but you don't expect to see him using one either.

  4. Lol. Ha! Yes Kello, definitely pick it up. Maybe you can be the one who decides if the issue was bad or good. I tend to lean towards the good side while X slaughters issues left and right in his reviews. :p. Jk.

    And X, I really hope this is the issue that turns things around for a lot of people who were skeptical about JMS writing WW. And I'm with you, I know Diana is going to unleash hell on the guy who killed her mother. I pray it isn't mediocre like the meeting Zatanna and her father had. This needs to be the face off of the century!! lol.

    And about the gun thing, I was in disbelief I seriously had to turn the page and look to see if I was reading the right thing. Lol. It's just weird seeing a hero who you've never seen think about touching a gun just pick one up. But then again, this is a new Diana, she's in a new era. But it still was kind of weird to see.

    So why do you think the Cerberus let WW pass?

  5. "I tend to lean towards the good side while X slaughters issues left and right in his reviews." HA!!! That was awesome! It's so funny 'cause it's SO true!! :D

    Hmm, you know, I'd completely forgotten about the Zatanna thing, Lisha. That's a great point though. I was expecting to see Zatanna and Brother Night have the throwdown of the year and their fight was more like a fizzle than an explosion. I just want to see WW and this guy beat the hell out of each other for the ENTIRE issue, with WW finally putting him down at the end.

    I guess it's like you said, it's a new Diana, so she plays by new rules. Before she'd just ricochet those bullets back at people in defense, but this WW takes the offensive. In a way I really like that.

    I don't know... Maybe Cerberus realized that WW didn't belong in the underworld yet so he let her pass? That's a great question though. Do you have any ideas?

  6. "HA!!! That was awesome! It's so funny 'cause it's SO true!! :D"
    Lol, see I know you a little bit X. Besides, I've seen my smiles slowly fade as I've read your WW reviews many times lol. :p

    That Brother Night v. Zatanna face off was the biggest let down ever. And I wouldn't mind seeing them two attempt to murder each other. That can be quite fun to read. Lol.

    "In a way I really like that." I don't think I even thought you'd say those words. That has made my night. ^_^

    As for the Cerberus idea, I mean she has gone to hell before, last I remember those two had a battle and she won. Lol, if I remember correctly. Maybe he didn't want to have another run in with her. I don't know, it just seemed to easy lol.

  7. I bet Cerebus let WW go because she is walking into a trap.

  8. That Brother Night/Zatanna thing WAS one hell of a letdown... It really was. I can't imagine that the upcoming WW/Guy with the Lasso battle is gonna be anywhere near as lame as that "fight"(and I use that word loosely!)was.

    Huh, I kind of like that explanation, Lisha... That would explain why Cerebus kind of bowed his head and layed down, he didn't want another WW-whuppin'!

    Idk, Kello, you'd think that Cerebus would want to keep WW down in the afterworld, since that's his job. It'd be weird if he let her go so she could walk into a trap. Then again, maybe it was the will of the gods for WW to battle The Guy with the Lasso(who REALLY needs a name!), and that's why Cerebus allowed her free passage. Who knows what the answer is. Either theory could def be it if you put enough thought into it.

  9. If I remember that JMS interview I read correctly, the villain's name is Lasso Thief. He's immortal and he loves to steal pretty lassos. He is going to be like WW's personal version of Lex Luthor.

  10. "he loves to steal pretty lassos?!" That's one weird fetish...

  11. Well thank you X, I tried to think of something to make their meet up some what purposeful. Lol.

    And really? "Lasso Thief:? Like who else in the DC: Universe has a lasso he could one day cross paths with?

    And if he is Wonder Woman's new villain, I hope they really use him and he's just as evil as Max Lord was. Since he's all "I'm a White Lantern, I must be pure" lol.

  12. I totally made up that thing about Lasso Thief, by the way. It was kind of a joke about how no other characters besides WW and WG carry lassos.

    I can't tell if you guys knew or not, maybe you out-sarcasmed me with your responses.

  13. I'll just sit here and say I out-sarcasmed you Kello.

    Lmao, because I'm that type of genius.

    *Whispers* You make me think I am gullible. Lol, don't do that, K-Dawg

  14. You had me Kello, I'll admit it. I had typed up a whole rant about how insame JMS was for that idea, but then I stopped myself and thought, "Wait.. That CAN'T be true!!!" So I erased the rant and simply typed out what I ultimately posted. You ALMOST had me Kello! Almost! :P