Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Titans #27

Overall: This issue starts off with Deathstroke coming back and defeating the drug baron who had kidnapped some kid Deathstroke had been hired to rescue. During the course of the battle Osiris kills one of the villains, which weighs on him even though every death he has a hand in seems to bring his sister one step closer to life. After the battle Arsenal returns to Deathstroke's base and discovers his stash of drugs had been stolen from him. Before he can discover who took them, Cheshire enters the room with Roy's drugs, offering herself in the place of the drugs. Roy accepts and this issue ends with Deathstroke watching Roy and Cheshire do the deed while holding a vile of drugs in his hand.

What the hell?! If you ignore like the last 5 pages or so of this issue, this comic really wasn't half bad. Unfortunately I COULDN'T ignore those last few pages... I've already gone on many extended rants about how much I hate junkie Roy, so I won't travel down that path again. But believe me, I HATE junkie Roy! This comic openly ignored Roy and Cheshire's previous tryst from the awful Rise of Arsenal mini-series, and then to make things even creepier, we have Deathstroke WATCHING the act! Ugh! I really don't know what the hell that was all about. If you close this comic five pages early, you get an okay story, but those last few pages... They were just painful.

Score: 5 1/2 out of 10.I only need one word to sum up this scene... CREEPY!!!


  1. So I'm the easy grader but you gave this a 5.5 and I gave it a 4, It's things comments like this that will get you fudged up in the comic world X! :P

    I do like the twist of Osiris having to kill people to bring back his sister, how do you think that will work? Also do you think Black Adam will return as well?

  2. HA!!! Oh, so I give ONE comic a higher grade then you and BAM, I'M the easy grader!?! I don't think so!! :D

    I kind of like that twist as well. It's like in order to get his sister back he has to lose his own soul. It's a nice little touch. The writer could go a few ways with Osiris... He could reluctantly continue killing people and ultimately get his sister back, he could stop and then have to live with the fact that he was unable to save his sister, or(and this is the most interesting one to me)it can be revealed that Slade was manipulating Osiris with either drugs or some kind of telepath into killing people to further Slade's own plans. Slade could reveal that the statue actually wasn't cracking, but that he had made Osiris into thinking it was. But if you ask me, so far Osiris's story is the best thing to come out of Brightest Day... By FAR!

    As for Black Adam, I REALLY hope he comes back!

  3. Yep, You are the easy grader! You got me afraid to give out tens or else I'm a subject of ridicule. DAMN YOU X!!! Haha

    I REALLY like those Osiris ideas, especially with Slade playing Mind Games. I'd have to disagree with the Osiris thing though, only because I'm enjoying Max Lord and Generation Lost, but Osiris would be my second choice.

    Man I miss Black Adam so much, He's such a great character in the villain or Anti-Hero role, I'd love to see him return soon.

  4. The funniest thing is that I've reviewed three books tonight and one of them already got a 10 from me, so maybe your easy grading ways have begun to rub off on me! :P

    Cool, one day I'll get to those Gen Lost books to see what I've been missing with Max.

    So do I! He's one of those characters who can easily play the anti-hero or villain role seamlessly, kind of like Namor. He's GOT to come back soon, right?

  5. Lol, I actually started the R&R today and reviewed four comics and I've also given out one 10/10 so far. Great minds think alike :P

    The funniest thing is that I've reviewed three books tonight and one of them already got a 10 from me, so maybe your easy grading ways have begun to rub off on me! :P

    Hopefully soon, because Max is the man. Especially the stuff that happens when he and Booster finally meet.

    I'm hoping man. I'd love to see an Anti-Hero type Justice league team with him and a few other awesome anti-heroes.

  6. Of course you gave out a 10/10! :P Man, what a jerk I am... :D

    A few other Anti-heroes? Would it be a safe guess that a certain second Robin would be on that team, JT?

  7. Lol you are the WORST kinda jerk, the X-Man75 kind.

    I'm afraid I don't know WHAT you mean X :P But if he's fit on the team then sure, him, Arsenal, Deathstroke...