Wednesday, October 6, 2010

New Comic Day! October 6th edition.

Hey guys, it's Wednesday, which means it's time for me to do the only regularly scheduled post I can remember to publish with any regularity, that's right, it is indeed New Comic Day! I came away with a pretty decent haul from the comic book shop today, so since I have the worlds most boring English assignment hanging over my head like the Sword of Damocles, I'm just going to get right into the books I came away with. Freedom Fighters #2, Uncanny X-Force #1, Young Allies #5, Superman: Last Family of Krypton #3, Shadowland: Spider-Man #1, Secret Six #26, SHIELD #4, Red Hood: Lost Days #5, JSA All-Stars #11, Hawkeye and Mockingbird #5, Captain America: Forever Allies #3, Brightest Day #11, Avengers Academy #5 & Namor #2. Yes, that's a very satisfying 14 books for me! Huzzah! I'd have to say that I am most looking forward to Hawkeye/Mockingbird, Red Hood and Uncanny X-Force.

So those are the books I picked up, but that's not all I wanted to mention. As of right now, this very moment in time, I fully intend on doing a quick review for ALL of these comics! Well except for SHIELD #4 since I haven't read the first 3 issues yet. But yes, I plan on putting up 13 reviews over the course of the next several nights. Impossible you say? I laugh in the face of impossibility(and spending my money responsibly!). Yep, I'm laying down the gauntlet on myself this week. I mean there was a time like 2 years ago when I used to be able to bust out like 7 reviews a night. I just have to be a bit less verbose with my reviews. In other words, stop trying to explain EVERY little detail on EVERY page you read X!!! So I'll either dedicate a post to each comic(which is kind of unlikely)or I'll just do a bunch of reviews and put 'em in one post. But either way, those comics listed above WILL be reviewed in some way, shape or form over the next coming days or my name isn't X! Which it actually isn't, which gives me an out I guess... Anyway, that's enough rambling for now, as always, drop me a comment about anything and I'll get back to you with due haste. That'll be all for now, X out!


  1. "I'll just do a bunch of reviews and put 'em in one post."

    Ripping off my style that I ripped off from you Eh?! You Red hood Helmet!!!! Haha, awesome though, I was just gonna suggest a Red Hood review. And man, how'd you get 13 comics and I only got 3?! I know the Comic Store guy smiles when you come in the door :P

  2. Lol @ JT. What a comedian. Lol.

    You sound like me when I had this Criminology paper. I just refused to do it. Lol. Found everything else to do besides that paper. BUT good luck with the paper X. And Although I haven't touched a comic a week. That "I'll get you soon, I promise" pile is just stacking up. Lol. BUT, all I ask is a review of Brightest Day #11 and Red Hood. And I'll be sure to read those tomorrow before class.

    I'm sure the rest of my comics will be highly upset. Lol. I mean I haven't even read Wonder Woman #603 yet!!!

    Anyways enough of me rambling, be easy!! :)

  3. Yeah, just so I don't get accused of thievery, I'm now leaning towards just doing a quickie type review for every comic. That way I'd add 13 more posts to the blog. I was looking back at some of my really early stuff and I might just rip off the way I used to do reviews, 'cause I'd get them done, I'd get them done fast and I'd get A LOT of them done!

    JT, I must be like single handedly paying that dude's rent! He must see me drive up and start doing a little happy dance! And I'm only getting like half my comics from him, imagine how happy he'll be when all of my subscription titles run out and I have him pull those books as well!

    I know that feeling Lisha! I was able to will myself to at least start my English paper, so I have a page done, but that means tomorrow I'm gonna have to really knuckle down since the paper is due Friday. I just don't feel like doing it though... Damn comics and Fallout! :P

    I've actually been doing a good job of reducing the size of my New comics pile, but whenever I start to get towards the bottom a day like today occurs and before you know it I have 14 more comics to go through! Not that I'm complaining!

  4. Hell X, as much comics you buy if I were you I'd ask if they were hiring. He's gotta know you know your comics and If they are I'm sure you'd get the job.

  5. Hell, forget about a job, he should name me part owner with all the money I put into that store! :D

  6. I'm curious what you think of Freedom Fighters, X. I've been reading some interesting reviews about that book. I was going to buy issue 2 and then I looked at the preview pages and they had something about some Incan curse and I was done. That was the plot to the last Scooby Doo movie as well, I think.

  7. Hey, believe it or not, Freedom Fighters was the first comic I read last night! I just figured I'd read everything in random order, and that comic wound up on top. So I should have a review for Freedom Fighters #2 up by tomorrow night, Kello!