Monday, October 18, 2010

Justice League of America #49

Overall: This issue revolves around Donna Troy and Jade(who I guess is a member of the JLA now?)and a trip they take to Alcatraz to visit the Shadow Thief. After the Starheart mess from the past few issues, the Shadow Thief has been left in a trance, simply repeating, “Soon he will. Soon he comes.” ad nauseam. The women check him out, and being unable to figure out what his problem was prepare to leave. Before they can go though, the warden tells Donna that one of her old Teen Titans foes, the Bogeyman, was asking to see her. For some reason Donna decides to go along with the request and upon arriving at Bogeyman's cell, both she and Jade are sucked into Bogeyman's mind games. Bogeyman forces Donna to fight off several of her old teammates, as well as dead family members, while Jade is tormented by a vision of herself as a Black Lantern. Eventually Donna figures out what was happening and tracks Bogeyman down in her psyche, forcing him to release his hold on herself and Jade. With Bogeyman defeated, the two women leave Alcatraz, having been able to lay some of their past to rest.

Eh, this was a good comic. Some of it didn't make much sense, such as why was Bogeyman able to slip into Donna and Jade's minds, especially since a)Bogeyman's powers usually only work on children and b)he was locked up in a cell that I'd imagine was designed to dampen his powers. So that logic gap did hurt this story for me. If you disregard that though, this story wasn't that bad. It spotlighted Donna and Jade(which is a good thing)and was a fun little romp. Having said that though, I'm still a bit confused as to who the regular members of this version of the JLA are... I think(although I'm not sure)Batman, Supergirl, Jade, Donna, Congorilla, Starman and Liberty Belle currently make up the JLA. To say that this is a weak line-up is the understatement of the century! Hopefully with next issue being #50 we'll get some idea as to where things are going with the much maligned JLA.

Score: 6 1/2 out of 10.Look out, it's the Legion of Evil Titans!!!

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