Monday, October 25, 2010


Wow, so this is the 1,500th time I've posted to this blog... That's pretty amazing, considering I didn't expect this blog to last more than 5 posts! Seriously, I NEVER expected this blog to have lasted over two years and 1,500 posts... It's absolutely mind-boggling to me. Instead of taking up a whole bunch of time rambling, I'm just going to say thanks to everybody who has ever read/commented on anything I've ever posted here. It's those comments that keep me going, and as long as I know people are reading, I'll keep posting. That's pretty much all I wanted to say. Just a real, heartfelt thanks. Now without further ado, here are 15 comic book scans to commemorate post #1,500! Enjoy and X out.

Let's start off with my all-time favorite crowbar related beating to ever take place in a comic book.

While I'm on the topic of favorite things, here are two of my favorite comic book covers, starting off with the always entertaining Daken.

And finally one of the most awesome comic book covers ever!

Keeping up with the whole “favorites” theme, here's the end of the final battle of my all-time favorite x-over.

No comic blog pictorial would be complete without Deadpool, so let's just get him out of the way now.

I really don't have a reason for posting this... It was on my computer for some reason, so here it is...

While I'm on the Green Lantern topic, here's a sweet Kyle Rayner pic.

And finishing out the GL stuff, how about Hal Jordan saving the Earth and redeeming himself?

Ahh, I can't forget this, this is one of the best swerves I've read in a comic in a LONG time, if not ever.

Here's one of my favorite DC villains...

And here's one of my favorite DC heroes!

Here goes the first time a member of the Fantastic Four died.

And how's about Superman getting ready to meet his maker?

Possibly the greatest super-hero ever, in all his glory...

And what better way to close #1,500 out than with the man himself?


  1. beast. Love that Cap pic! And whats the deal with the baby in the Dark Wolverine comic?

  2. " beast." I am indeed a beast. The worst kind of beast, a Blogging Beast!!! :D

    The baby in the Dark Wolverine pic didn't show up in the comic, so I can do the whole, "No infants were harmed in the making of that cover" thing. The crying baby in the foreground with Daken watching just makes such a strong impact on the type of character Daken is to me. Is he going to save the baby, leave it to the fire or do something worse? That's the beauty of Daken's character, he could conceivably do any of those three things...

  3. Oh, and that Cap picture? Simply perfect.

  4. Congrats on 1500 dude. Way to steal my 100th post thunder! But nah, really. Congratulations dude. That's a hell of a milestone. I'm sure by the time ya hit post 3000 next month :P you'll have even more loyal readers and comments.

  5. Many congratulations, X! I'm sure you know which of these scans is my favorite ( starts with an X and end with "orn"!), but I love the Cap and X-Man pics as well. Here's to another 1,500!

  6. Thank ya, thank ya, thank ya, gents! I'll admit that I do feel a bit cad-ish about having a anniversary post so close to your 100th, JT, but I couldn't resist doing something for #1500. If it was 1400 or 1600, I'd have skipped it, but 1500 is one of those milestome #'s. But let's face it, 100 is a WAY bigger milestone than 1500. I mean 100 is like THE major comic book milestone. 1500 is cool, but 100 is special. I don't know, #3000 might have to wait maybe two months, I've gotten a bit busy lately. :P

    That Xorn/Magneto thing was just amazing, Marc. It blindsided me like almost nothing comic related does anymore. And the set up to it, with all of the X-Men slowly realizing they'd been tricked, followed by all the doors in the Mansion locking before the big reveal was just masterfully done. Of course Marvel wound up crapping all over it in the end, but at the time it was a thing of beauty.

  7. Haha, I'm just messing with ya as always but thanks for hyping my 100th post dude, I appreciate it. And don't you dare sell ya self short because 1500 is monumental!!!

  8. Eh, I still contend that 100 is a much bigger deal than 1500. 100, 1000, 2500, 5000, 10000, those are the big numbers if you ask me. I'm really looking foward to what should be a gala 100th post celebration from you JT. Not to throw tons of pressure on ya, but you only get one chance to do a 100th post for that blog... Don't blow it. :D

  9. Lol well now I'm even more pressured than before ya jerk! But thanks, It'll be a great one. And the fact you said 2500 is a huge milestone but not 2000 perplexes me.

  10. If I've left you perplexed then I know I've done my job. :D

    I don't know, I see a 25th anniversary as more important then a 20th anny. Maybe it's just me...

  11. Is that technically a super-perplex'd? :P I couldn't resist.

    Well good point, no one ever celebrates a 20th anniversary for some reason. I wonder why that is

  12. JT, you're LUCKY I haven't super-perplexed you! :D

  13. I'd hate to take a super-perlex! It seems like it would hurt your back AND your head. Like working a match with the Great Khali, Hi-yoooo!