Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Namor #2

Overall: Namor and his subjects spend much of this comic trying to figure out what the aquatic vampires are planning. Several Atlantian colonies are hit by the vamps, but for the most part they seem to be toying with Namor, leaving him somewhat frustrated. Emma Frost offers assistance against the vamps, but Namor shoots her down, telling her he wasn't interested in her help or her subtle romantic overtures(HA!). While Namor is pondering how the vampires were able to open a box that was magically sealed to anybody except for Atlantian royalty, the vampires attack the city of New Atlantis. Namor manages to drive the vamps away by shining a bright light on them(?!?)and ends this issue by deciding to take the battle to the vamps.

I enjoyed this comic up right up to the vampires running away from the lights... What kind of a weak move was that? I get that vampires don't like sunlight, but now regular bright lights drive them away? Weird... The intrigue over how the vampires were able to open that box was a nice little touch here, and Namor was his regular awesome self, but so far there's no real supporting cast here, which is something every good comic book needs. The other Atlantians hang around and talk, but nobody has managed to differentiate themselves yet, and the vampires just seem to be nameless, faceless menaces(so far). Yeah, Namor is great and all, but there really needs to be some kind of secondary characters here too. Oh, and the artwork ruled. A lot.

Score: 6 1/2 out of 10.Gah, I guess Marvel doesn't buy into Hollywood's notion that all vampires are drop dead gorgeous, because THAT thing is UGLY!

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