Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Superman #703

Overall: Batman, apparently as annoyed as I am by Superman's current aimless wandering across America, decides to try to talk some sense into Supes. Their conversation was so ridiculous that I won't even really get into it. The gist of it was that Superman shouldn't be wandering around the country because he was making the people around him potential targets to Supes many super-villains. Supes ignores Bats and continues his trek. Somehow a woman gains powers after touching a crystal and heads to a bar, where she possesses a man. The possessed man hunts down and attacks Superman. Oh yeah, the possessed man also seems to have power on par with Supes himself for some reason. Supes and the man destroy the town they were battling in before the man's powers leave him and he stands there confused as to how he got there, as well as why he was battling Supes. The media latches onto the story and this issue ends with the woman who granted the possessed man his powers telling the media that the destruction was all Superman's fault, and that he puts everybody he's around in danger.

Ugh. First off, Superman saying that Batman doesn't save the “average guy” and then Dick Grayson telling Superman that they could never live “normal” lives was such a crock it wasn't even funny... Umm, Batman is ALWAYS saving the average man in Gotham City! Sure he also deals with plenty of super-crimes, but are you seriously trying to tell me that Batman doesn't halt regular crime as well?! He doesn't halt bank robberies or muggings or rapes? He ONLY deals with the Scarecrows and Jokers of the world?! No. Not at all. And why can't Dick Grayson take off his mask and be “normal”? Hell, he's done it plenty of times! Dick Grayson has had TONS of odd jobs, from student, to model to police officer! And during all of those jobs, guess what, he was around other people. “Regular people”. To say that the Batmen and Supermen of the world couldn't live amongst regular citizens is simply ludicrous. Yeah, Superman walking around Main Street AS Superman is pretty dumb since he's inviting trouble, but where does it say that once you became a super-hero that was it, you could never live amongst regular citizens again?! Once again, UGH. I don't even feeling like spending any more time talking about this one, so let's just end things right here.

Score: 4 1/2 out of 10.So we've seen Superman fight Muhammad Ali, now we see Supes take on Hulk Hogan...


  1. Lmao, that Hulk Hogan line killed me. I don't even have anything else to day, just thought you should know how funny I found that line, BROTHER!

  2. HA!!! I was reading this comic and I was like, "What the hell is Hulk Hogan doing attacking Superman?!" I mean in that one panel that guy looks EXACTLY like him!

  3. Lol, times are getting tough brother, and TNA ain't playing like the WWE used to! Hey, if he can fight Rocky he can fight Superman.