Tuesday, October 12, 2010

JSA All-Stars #11

Overall: Sheesh, where do I even begin here? Umm, some angry, giant, ancient gods were running amok in Los Angeles, toppling buildings Godzilla-style, with the JSA All-Stars totally helpless to halt the rampage. So with things looking bleak, what do the heroes do to win? They have Brainwave go into the minds of the people of Los Angeles and force them all to let go of their past. Somehow this weakens the gods, who shrink down to mortal size and proceed to give up the fight. The All-Stars want to take the gods away, but Brainwave convinces them to let them simply leave, since they were gods in the bodies of children or some such nonsense. From there the team decides to play volleyball(?!?)ending this issue...

Hmm, first the good. I liked the artwork here. Freddie Williams II had lots going on in many of the scenes here, and everything was bright and bold. Besides that, I hated everything else about this comic. The beginning of this storyline wasn't great, but I thought it was passable. Unfortunately things just kept getting worse and worse as this story rolled along, culminating with this issue. Ugh, what a mess. On the positive side, the only direction to go from here is up.

Score: 2 1/2 out of 10."Oh no, LA was just ravaged by giant gods, what should we do?" "I know, let's play volleyball!!!"


  1. Haha, this sounds ridiculous. Who wrote this??

  2. The answer to that question would be Matthew Sturges. And yes, this WAS indeed ridiculous, Marc!

  3. Hmm, interesting. I've read some of Sturges's work before and it's mostly struck me as average (other than House of Mystery, which I think is actually pretty good). I'd say I couldn't see him being responsible for such a travesty as this comic apparently was...but that'd be a lie, because I totally could, haha.

  4. Out of curiosity I looked back at some of my past reviews for this series, and I'd say they were probably averaging around the 8 range, so I'd say that by and large I was enjoying the early issues of this series. Hopefully this storyline was just a horrible aberration and things will pick back up soon.