Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Captain America: Forever Allies #3(of 4)

Overall: For those of you who don't know, this mini-series has been looking at Bucky's troubles with an old WWII enemy of his named Lady Locus. Back in the day, Lady Locus used her mind control abilities to take control of the minds of Bucky and his Young Allies teammates and sent them off to attack a military base. Luckily the Allies manage to break free of Locus's spell, but are unsure of how they could defeat a foe who had the ability to control their minds. In the present day, Bucky chases Lady Locus down to an ancient temple on an island in the Pacific. It seems that the temple holds some information on where an ultra powerful gem that could be used to augment Locus's already formidable mental powers was hidden. Bucky confronts Locus and her goons in the temple and naturally a fight breaks out. With Bucky distracted, Locus manages to glean the whereabouts of the gem and brings the temple down on Bucky's(as well as many of her own men's)head. This issue ends with Bucky digging his way out of the wreck of the temple and realizing that Locus was gone.

Eh, this was an okay comic I guess. It didn't wow nor annoy me, it was just sort of there. I guess I'd recommend it, but the recommendation would be mild at best. Fans of Bucky and/or his old WWII adventures(like me!)would probably enjoy this comic WAY more than someone not very well versed or interested in Bucky's past adventures.

Score: 6 1/2 out of 10.I have to say, I really enjoyed the art in the flashback sequences.

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